Cardano & Polkadot enthusiasts rally around Fezoo, a presale destined to challenge Binance and OKX amidst crypto slide

Crypto enthusiasts from all corners are eager to participate in the Fezoo presale, and now Cardano and Polkadot investors are also pouring money into the Fezoo. Exchanges like Binance and OKX are the most popular and biggest ones today but Fezoo is trying to make a place in between the giants. 

With Fezoo, traders have the flexibility to trade from anywhere in the world, enjoying a smooth and secure decentralized trading experience. Fezoo is trying to make its way to the top of the list of exchanges and a lot of big investors are already invested in it.

Cardano bearish price movement

From the recent highs, Cardano is down around 30% from the top; recently it made a 52-week high of around $0.809, and now it is trading around the $0.59 level. The current level is short-term support, and the next major support comes at the $0.48 level with the 200 moving average, which works as long-term support or resistance.

If the crypto market continues its rally, Cardano can take flight from its support, immediate resistance being the $0.80 level after which it can start its journey for a fresh all-time high. However, looking at the current price action behavior is a little bearish and can only be turned with a good market environment.

Polkadot’s recent price behavior

Polkadot is up around 80% from the initial Feb this year. This rally came after we saw the mini crypto rally recently, and Polkador is struggling to hold its highs. Price took support from 50 MA many times, but this time it has broken downwards and is currently trading at $8.63, which is the short-term support level. If it breaks it below the next support is standing at the $8 level.

Now the short-term price action is looking a little bearish, and investors are looking for an alternative so they can make good returns. Some Polkadot investors are already invested in Fezoo, and the remaining are also racing to grab slots in their presales.

Fezoo is set to be the crypto exchange space

With both Cardano and Polkadot’s bearish price behavior, investors are shifting their ways into the Fezoo presale. Fezoo has the ability and potential to become the leader in the crypto exchange space. Market leaders in the centralized exchange (CEX) space, like Binance and OKX, are filled with many problems. Users do not have full control over their funds, and Fezoo solves all the problems these exchanges can’t.

Fezoo exchange is all about community involvement and listening to users’ ideas to create an exchange that meets everyone’s needs. Fezoo’s presale is currently in Stage One, and its tokens are priced at $0.013. The Fezoo exchange offers a swap service, letting users trade different cryptocurrencies with no fees anytime and anywhere in the world. The potentials are unlimited, while the slots are limited; investors are rushing to grab their slots before the presale ends.

Check out the official website of Fezoo to find out more!

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