Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Speculates About 2020 Offerings

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of leading blockchain platform Cardano is a globally-acclaimed technology entrepreneur, mathematician, and blockchain expert. As the world entered a new decade, Charles decided to share his predictions about the technological developments which are likely to take place in the crypto industry in the coming years. He released his first surprise AMA of 2020 for his followers, in which he talked about his plans for strengthening the Cardano network in the next decade.

The new 2020 decade is likely to open new doors of success and development for the industrial space, stated Charles. He added that virtual currencies would play a major role in this development and his team will put in their best efforts to establish Cardano as a global social and financial network. Charles mentioned that the current year is the 11th anniversary of the world’s digital currency, Bitcoin, which paved the way for the beginning of a new technological era. Since the launch of the cryptocurrencies, the industry has been the point of discussion for major governmental institutions and banking entities that have put in efforts to draft out a legal framework for the management and operations of cryptocurrencies.

The Cardano developer considers the decade to be the start of a revolution, which will bring in path-breaking developments in the future. High-tech operational capacities, private space travel, virtual reality, quantum commuting, etc. will be some of the most lucrative advancements in the next decade. Interestingly, Charles feels that virtual assets will form the core base of such developments, which will bring a drastic change in the global ecosystem as a whole. While predicting the future of the global economy, the Cardano chief opined that the economic system would have a crumpling downfall. A majority of the global population will join hands to start a movement towards the attainment of self-sovereign identity. Also, data will be recognized as a valuable commodity and cryptocurrencies will play a significant role in achieving the desired outcomes focused on the betterment of the financial and social economy.

He hoped that cryptocurrencies would be the driving funding force behind the execution of potential projects of the digital developers. The widescale adoption of open source technology will aid the free flow of resources, technologies, and developments all around the globe.

The Growth of Cardano in 2020

Being the leader of the Cardano community, Charles is hopeful that his platform will outshine as the ultimate ruler of the cryptocurrency industry in 2020. He plans to strengthen the platform by lending support to thousands of meta tokens, securities, commodities, and other digital assets. The leader is confident that the revolutionary offerings provided by the Cardano network have the potential to manifest a sustainable global ecosystem.

Charles stated that in 2020, the primary focus of his team would be on the proliferation of Cardano to an array of commercial domains. The team is anxiously looking forward to the success of Cardano projects in Ethiopia and The Republic of Georgia. He added that special attention would be given to incentive schemes as they will, in turn, help in the strengthening of the customer base. This will help Cardano in beating Bitcoin to grab the numero-uno position. He appreciated the Bitcoin ecosystem and addressed it to be the gateway for many digital currencies in the industry.

The chief revealed that his firm would enter into various strategically important partnerships with projects like Hyperledger and Horizon. The early phase of 2020 will see the integration of Adrestia, the Haskell wallet backend and the Byron reboot node. By January, the OBFT fork will be launched by the platform. The official dates about the launch of Haskell Shelly testnet and Shelley testnet will be announced soon. Also, the firm is working with the Plutus team to facilitate the creation of Dapps in Plutus. Charles revealed that the platform would make an announcement about the internal paper called Lattice in association with the Horizon project in the future. In January, the first brand proposals for the refresh of Cardano from McCann shall be released. IOHK is keen to get a clear and concise strategy for Africa and Japan’s proliferation.

Charles ended saying that his team is dedicated to bringing Cardano on top of the charts in the crypto industry.

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