Cardano Founder’s Studio launches first game, Voyager: Ascension

Cardano Founder’s gaming studio, RFLXT, has launched its first game. Titled Voyager: Ascension, the title is released via Gala.

The game launched with a trailer on the GalaChain Network. Hoskinson also talked about his role in the gaming studio during the launch. A spokesperson for RFLXT revealed that he is also the CEO and co-founder of IOG.

Hoskinson does not have any direct role at RFLXT. However, his direct ties lie with an Input Output Global portfolio company. The Cardano founder previously confirmed that he is a board member at IOG. RFLXT is merely a spinout company under IOG’s wing. 

In a recent interview, the RFLXT team stated that the company is aiming to reinvent the entertainment domain. The gaming studio will launch and combine innovative technologies that the market has not seen before.

The primary focus of the studio is to allow creators and developers to build in a unique environment. RFLXT is collaborating with old PC game developers to introduce them to the Web3 circle.

That is also how the latest title came into existence. In 2018, Voyager: Ascension debuted as Overload. Several old-school developers backed the title, but they have now reworked it for the modern crypto market.

The RFLXT team collaborated with the old team to license Overload and add new features suited for Web3 gamers. Players can also access Overload on Steam for 30 dollars, where it has garnered 1,5000 positive reviews.

The gameplay will look similar to its Web3 counterpart as a high-octane sci-fi shooter. Voyager: Ascension is also launching as a single-player shooter, with a multi-player mode releasing soon. On the other hand, Overload already boasts a multiplayer mode.

The studio chose Gala over Cardano for the initial launch to diversify the game’s reach. The team thinks that it is important for RFLXT to work with different platforms and chains to build its community.

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