Cardano, Hedera, or DigiToads: Which crypto should you consider for high returns?

If you know what you are looking for, it is only a matter of time before you find the right crypto project. DigiToads is among the recent crypto stars which have attracted many participants. DigiToads has been designed as a high-growth utility token where the meme coin co-exists with a Web 3.0 game, and the model props up a wide array of earning opportunities for its users. DigiToads joins the league of new altcoins that have garnered a following global right from their presale stage. Market trends show many Hedera and Cardano holders are switching to the DigiToads cryptocurrency ICO to mint new gains.

DigiToads: Setting the bar higher for meme coins

Be it profitability, versatility, and functionality, DigiToads wears all these hats with ease. The latest ICO has been making waves with a hybrid economic set-up that gives you the best meme coins and decentralized gaming. The result is a dynamic cryptocurrency where you won’t run out of opportunities to earn passive income. 

Apart from staking NFTs and trading tokens, users can earn rewards by participating in DigiToads play-to-earn game, participating in giveaways, winning prizes during the presale, and participating in trading competitions. It has a native token called TOAD that anchors the economic framework of the DigiToads ecosystem. Its supply has been capped at 585 million. While only 46.5% of the tokens will be set aside for presale, the remaining tokens will be used for community growth, managing the liquidity pool, platform development, prizes, and organizing competitions, among other uses.

Another important feature of the TOAD token is its deflationary model. In a deflationary model, crypto tokens are burnt to keep them in short supply. A scarce supply, in turn, helps in minimizing fluctuations in price.

The DigiToads team has laid a roadmap for its future development that considers how it can best help the community grow. For instance, the team would establish a think tank called ‘Toad School’ where users could pursue courses on crypto trading and learn all about the latest ICO. Moreover, the team has pledged to donate 2.5% of the project’s annual profits to organizations driving global impact by preserving rainforests and replanting trees. The community members would have the final say on which charities the funds will be donated to.

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Cardano rolls out a new wallet

Cardano was rolled out by Charles Hoskinson, one of the founding members of the Ethereum network. Over time, it has made many innovations emerge as one of the top crypto investments in recent times. The decentralized platform facilitates the deployment of smart contracts and dApps. What sets Cardano apart is that it leverages methodologies backed by peer-reviewed research and evidence for its technological framework. 

Its native token ADA is one of the most-traded cryptocurrencies in the world. Cardano recently hit the headline after the ADA-focused lab Input Output Group launched a native wallet for the network called Lace. It’s a browser-based wallet that is similar in functionality to other popular options like MetaMask. Apart from sending and receiving ADA tokens, Lace users would also be able to stake the native cryptocurrency via the wallet.

Hedera to leverage blockchain for advancing democracy

Hedera’s claim to fame is as a public network where developers can build secure and transparent decentralized tools with real-time consensus. Another key factor that has helped push its popularity is its governance structure; leading companies like Google, IBM, Tata Communications, and Wipro lead. The beginner cryptocurrency has a native token called HBAR and is used for all transactional use cases. In a recent development, Hedera announced that it would be joining over 150 companies to help the US government strengthen the country’s democracy. Under the initiative, Hedera would leverage blockchain to support human rights and transparency by organizing a roundtable for distinguished thought leaders.

How does DigiToads fare as a beginner cryptocurrency?

If you are specifically looking for a beginner cryptocurrency, DigiToads packs a punch and can ensure you many benefits. Plus, its decentralized governance structure ensures that the welfare of the community members is always in focus. Regarding reviews, even cryptocurrency analysts are quite impressed with the TOAD Token. They believe the crypto project has the potential to outperform popular options like Hedera and Cardano due to its capacity to sustain long-term growth.

For More Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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