Cardano integrates IBC for connectivity and Interchain access

Cardano recently announced that it will integrate the IBC Protocol to enhance connectivity from Cosmos to Ethereum. The development will also allow Cosmos to gain access to the Interchain ecosystem.

IBC has been designed to facilitate data exchanges and transactions across multiple blockchains. The framework enhances existing systems and expands their productivity as well. Besides enabling data and asset exchange across protocols, IBC facilitates enterprise benefits from the deterministic and security fees inherent to Cardano.

Institutional use cases sometimes need an imbalanced approach to completing the blockchain trilemma priorities of security, decentralization, and scalability. These instances pose massive challenges for developers of enterprise apps, restricting their ability to scale and innovate.

Given the fragmented state of blockchain solutions, technological development at the enterprise level needs severe changes. Cardano’s latest move to develop a dedicated IBC Sidechain will address the issue and remove the restriction.

The implementation will help businesses benefit from frameworks for building and deploying secure, interoperable, and scalable blockchain solutions. 

By merging flexible, small, and agile blockchains with Cardano’s decentralized and reliable framework, businesses can enjoy additional benefits of enterprise solutions. 

Ever since the news, Cardano has jumped 1.91% in market price, currently trading at 0.3856 dollars. According to the latest ADA future price prediction, Cardano will hit the 1-dollar mark in 2025.

Seeing the capabilities IBC and Cardano boast, the collaboration can prepone the benchmark further. The parties are pieces of a bigger puzzle, leading to diverse interoperability solutions that can create an interconnected and vibrant blockchain domain. 


Cardano is familiar with the power of connectivity and how it can bring down technological barriers. The team looks forward to using IBC to broaden its reach, connectivity, and scalability.

Harsh Chauhan

Harsh Chauhan is an experienced crypto journalist and editor at CryptoNewsZ. He was formerly an editor at various industries and has written extensively about Crypto, Blockchain, Web3, NFT and AI. Harsh holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a focus on Marketing and a certification from the Blockchain Foundation Program. Through his writings, he hold the pulse of rapidly evolving crypto landscape, delivering timely updates and thought-provoking analysis. His commitment to providing value to readers is evident in every piece of content produced.

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