Cardano Price Analysis: Cardano (ADA) seems to break the highest high of the year 2019!

Cardano is surely breaking some paths with the movement these days. However, the most attention is acquired by Bitcoin snatching the energy from other altcoins; the ADA seems to move piece by piece upward. If you are following the updated of ADA, June is known to the crucial month as the part of the ADA project known as Shelley is going live on the test net platform.

However, the announcement of the same was made for the first quarter of 2019, but the delay in the same is surely picking the value for ADA. ADA is known for its methodical approach in the trend developing their network quite strongly. ADA has maintained their patience level, and the fruits can be seen with the highest high-value today.

Cardano Price analysis for 30th May 2019:

Cardano price Chart

At 11:01 UTC, the value of Cardano was traded at $0.09578. However, the altcoins aren’t given much preference, but if the coin is touching the highest high; investors are bound to catch their fingers. The same is happening right now with ADA. The return of investment is known to be approximately 341.59% ranking the coin at number 11 position. The market cap value is 2,481,904,041 USD followed by 24 hour volume at 184,793,191 USD.

Cardano Price Comparison:

ADA Price Chart

Comparing the trends, the chart has shown a tremendous trend going upwards. Not only does it catch the predictions for short-term but long term investment as well. Since the beginning of the year, the value had increased to 121% when the year started with value trading at $0.04316.

This is a good time for traders to invest their capital in altcoin like ADA. However, it might not be able to reach the eyes of Bitcoin hunger, but value end investments are surely realizing in ADA basket as well.

Cardano Price Predictions and Conclusion:

The market is bullish with an upward trend followed today. The market is definitely growing trend above the baseline. Investors can set the resistance level at $0.0977 and play safely without burning their capital. The support level can be kept at $0.0830 as per the market value and trend today.

By the end of the year, many eyes are expecting the surge to realize the value of more than $1. But with ADA, you will need some patience. However, ADA does give you fruits, but make sure you are prepared with patience.

With some important updated and Shelley going live on test net in June, investors will be bidding on the coin towards an upward trend. But in a few days, we will know whether the market plays along with the expectation and prediction of the investors or not. Till then, you can keep browsing for some interesting updates coming soon.

Trevor Holman

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