Cardano Price Analysis: Although Cardano’s Value Has Degraded a Bit, The Altcoin Again Came Back in Top 10 List

  • The CVA Conference in Zug is concluded successfully. The event was organized by the Cardano Foundation to increase awareness.

Under the theme of ‘Proud to Belong,’ the foundation, this week, remembered Digital minister of Taiwan, Audrey Tang. She has been awarded various titles including Perl programmers, entrepreneur and one-time anarchist revolutionary. Under Proud to Belong initiative, the foundation wishes to show their respect to individuals who contributed to data science, the people who live in it or simply to those who made our lives easier.

Current Statistics of Cardano coin (On June 27, at UTC 11:20):

Cardano Price Chart - 27 June
Cardano Price Chart
  • The current trading price of Cardano (ADA) is 0.09 USD.
  • At the same time, ADA price (BTC) is around 0.00000773 BTC per chip.
  • Currently placed at 10th place in the cryptocurrency market, the MCap of the altcoin was 2,356,852,459 USD.
  • Additionally, the 24-hour trading volume in the altcoin was 381,994,873 USD.
  • With an ROI of 319.34%, the total Cardano chips circulating in the market were 25,927,070,538 ADA.

Cardano Coin Price Comparison:

Let’s compare the current price of Cardano with that of 25-days back price. On June 03, Cardano was trading around 0.09454 USD. However, today, the digital coin has gone down by 4.80%. Nevertheless, in weekly trading, Cardano has seen a strengthening of 2.38% from the market price of 0.0879 USD on June 21. Yesterday was also a good trading day, where the coin on the previous day opened in the market at 0.096357 USD and with a little bit of strengthening of 0.48%, it wrapped up the day around 0.096820 USD.

Cardano Price Prediction:

As we predicted yesterday, Cardano (ADA) has jumped a place and is back in the top 10 cryptocurrency ranking. According to our speculation, though there is a bit of decline in ADA, it will most probably be trading around $0.3 to $0.5 by the end of the year.


Cardano (ADA) is extending its wings with a fast pace, and it is, at present, one of the fastest growing altcoins. As far as trends are concerned, try to avoid trading in the short-term as the market is dilly-dallying, and there is a sense of instability. With that said, the long-term trend is bullish and expected to give good returns.

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