Cardano’s Emurgo Signs MOUs With South Korea’s KBCCA and KMGA

Yesterday, the Korea Blockchain Contents Association (KBCCA) and the Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA) signed the MOUs agreements.  The main objective is to join forces in recognizing and exploring ‘potentially aligned synergies.’ They aim to do so by integrating with Cardano’s blockchain-based solutions into the two Korean companies. The mission of these agreements coincides with EMURGO’s mission too, which is to encourage the global adoption of Cardano and add value to those who hold ADA.

EMURGO is the official partner and commercial arm of Cardano. It is headquartered in Singapore. It has branches in Japan, the United States, India, as well as in Indonesia. To develop the Cardano’s ecosystem on the international scale, and to boost the Cardano adoption worldwide, the company works with IOHK and The Cardano Foundation. On this collaboration, the CEO of EMURGO – Ken Kodama expressed his happiness and stated that this partnership will prove to be highly beneficial for the development of the “blockchain-based content & mobile gaming industries.” He said-

EMURGO is pleased to collaborate with KBCCA & KMGA to foster the continued development of blockchain-based content & mobile gaming industries. With digital content & mobile gaming rising in popularity year after year, there is a huge untapped potential to implement blockchain-based solutions into these lucrative industries.

Korea Block Chain Contents Association (KBCCA) works with more than one hundred and fifty member companies. The company basically caters through mobile and other content projects and focuses on the services that are integrated blockchain content. Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA), on the other hand, works with more than eight hundred member companies towards the aim of developing the game developer companies and seeks growth of the employees alike. The company targets this aim via pragmatic, on-site support.

South Korea’s Ministry approves the two Korean companies of Science & ICT. Both of them seek to build an innovative and wholesome digital content and gaming ecosystem. They aim to do so by making such strong partnerships and create platforms for stakeholders to share their resources.

South Korea offers a strong digital gaming industry. The country has a strong gaming culture, and its advanced internet infrastructure only supports this interest further. This makes the country the fourth largest in the gaming market on an international scale. Not only this, but the country also has the highest number of smartphone users. If we look at the demographic scale of the mobile gaming industry of the country, we will find that the age group of 21 to 35 is the most active in this department, as well as the tech world, and the blockchain technology.

Like it is the international trend, South Korean consumers are also inclining towards the online content platforms. The fact that South Korea has the highest number of smartphone users, this inclination gets mightier. As per sources, an average Korean adult online content user spends half of their time on the internet related to these digital content platforms. If we calculate the average from these statistics, a huge amount of time is spent on the online digital content by an average adult Korean digital content consumer.

The factors such as high rate of smartphone ownership in South Korea, the advanced gaming culture in the country, and the highly developed technological infrastructure in the country; lay a very strong base for the future growth of the third-gen blockchain-based solutions of Cardano into the gaming and content development and creation industry.


Trevor Holman

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