Cartesi and IoTeX Explain How Their Partnership Paves the Way for Some Powerful Use Cases

The second half of March 2022 saw a series of global back-to-back crypto and Blockchain events in Dubai. These brought together some of the most prominent figures in the space, including Dr. Raullen Chai, Charles Hoskinson, Ben Goertzel, Justin Sun, and Davinci Jeremie, among many others.

Amid the energy hovering over the breathtaking city, as tens of thousands of crypto and Blockchain experts and enthusiasts met, Cartesi and IoTeX conducted a face-to-face video to touch on the many exciting things developers can do for users now that the two projects are partners.

Cartesi Head of Product Milton Jonathan sat across from IoTeX Chief Business Development Officer Larry Pang to discuss the “potential use cases” that are possible now that the two projects work together.

“IoTeX is a Layer 1 blockchain that got started in 2017. It is EVM-compatible,” said Pang. “We added IoT-oriented middleware. Specifically, device identity and device oracles verify that the device sending data to the blockchain is trustworthy.”

Pang explained that the oracles translate what the IoT devices are saying into something the blockchain can understand, but, he said, “…there is only so much smart contracts can do, and that’s where Cartesi comes in, bringing programmability using languages that developers like to use.”

So, to summarize in Larry Pang’s words, the partnership between the two projects is significant because IoTeX’s primary role is to provide trusted verifiable and user-owned data. This data needs to be contrasted or compared with historical data. These two data sets require a technological environment where they can live and be cross-referenced.

Jonathan and Pang covered one prime example of how this works in the practical world. Thanks to IoTeX’s Pebble Tracker, farmers can collect real-world data in real-time about the weather conditions affecting their crops and draw that information onto the Blockchain. 

The farmers could make an insurance claim in case of adverse climate conditions. Still, they would first need to compare the current real-time data with historical data, which is brought into the picture thanks to the collaboration with Chainlink. Cartesi’s The Blockchain OS is instrumental in providing the programmability, the computer languages to the blockchain for the analytics to take place and help trigger the claim via smart contracts.

The previous use case made possible thanks to three projects collaborating toward one goal is only one of the hundreds of use cases that are expected to be available in the IoTeX ecosystem.

With The Blockchain OS, Cartesi is the first to integrate Linux and standard programming environments to the blockchain, allowing developers to code scalable smart contracts with tools with which they are familiar. 

By connecting the physical and digital worlds, IoTeX empowers the future machine economy. It is redefining the trillion-dollar IoT industry by giving back to people control of their privacy, smart devices, and data and the value they generate. The two Blockchain-focused projects announced their partnership on December 6, 2021.

Trevor Holman

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