Casa Nodes Introduces Support For TOR, Anonymity Focused Project Expected To Receive Major

Digital assets bring together several benefits which are missing from fiat currencies, including better security, ease of trading, blockchain encryption, etc. Though cryptocurrency usage has been touted as the future of trade, commerce, and investments, there are several challenges which space needs to overcome.

Data privacy has been a matter of concern for many users, who question the use of Private data by social media platforms like Facebook, and sear engines like Google. The Cambridge Analytica scandal still haunts the digital world, which discourages people from exploring technology. To tackle this, several platforms have emerged from the blockchain and crypto space, which are focused on maintaining user privacy and anonymity.

One such blockchain project is Tor, which has been continuously working customer privacy and anonymity. Tor offers s browser, which lets users browse without them being under surveillance, or without their info being used by websites. The blockchain based browser isolates websites, which prevents third-party trackers or advertisements follow you.

Coming as big boost to the platform, the famous blockchain home solutions provider Casa announced on Friday that the Casa Node will now support Tor browser, which furthers Tor’s mission. The announcement came via a Tweet by Casa, which said that the inclusion will lead to enhanced privacy, improved security, and gives users the option to connect remotely.

Casa has been one of the very few providers of sophisticated blockchain based smart home solutions, which are usable and applicable in reality. Following the company ethos, Casa Node provides a great experience to users who can secure and store their digital assets. Including blockchain, browsing will further expand the Nodes appeal, and it will now cover unexplored markets for the company as well as the browser.

Following the upgrade a few users reported some issues launching the browser using the node, however, Casa was quick to respond, and directed the users to restart the device.

Casa has been very well appreciated for being a customer-focused company, which actually implements what its users want. Casa Node users have been demanding the inclusion of Tor on the platform for quite some time. Before making the announcement, Casa teased the user by asking whether someone was cutting onions, as it is a symbol of Tor.

As soon as the update went live, users started to tweet praises for the platform, appreciating its proactive approach towards customers’ demands. Tweets came from all regions where Casa Node is sold.

In the past few months, blockchain based browsers are gaining traction significantly. Brave is another example, which is working towards privacy and anonymity. In fact, browsers like Brave are also working towards letting users make money for the ads they see, or by letting websites use their information. However, free choice is maintained, and if the user doesn’t want, websites can neither access their private data nor can they see your browsing patterns.

The world is moving towards data-centric technologies, which makes the user’s information more vulnerable. Marketing campaigns are set by studying data samples, even without the users knowing about it.  This makes browsers like Tor and Brave extremely important for restoring consumers’ data rights.

Scott Cook

Scott Cook got into crypto world since 2010. He has worked as a news writer for three years in some of the foremost publications. He recently joined our team as a crypto news writer. He regularly contributes latest happenings of crypto industry. In addition to that, he is very good at technical analysis.
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