CBetWorld announces launch dates

CBetWorld has announced the official dates for the launch of CBetWorld. The initial token supply has been capped at 20 million, with a maximum market cap of $2 million. The giveaway for the whitelist begins on May 3, 2023, and concludes on May 7, 2023.

Following that period, CBetWorld will begin rolling out private sales on May 8, 2023, until May 10, 2023. The public sale host is scheduled from May 14, 2023, to May 16, 2023. The gap between the private sale host and the public sale host is dedicated to beta-testing the platform. It will go on for 4 days, starting May 10 and ending May 13, 2023.

The Private Sale Whitelist Giveaway will see the Discord community rule despite their best efforts.

The price for a private sale is $0.08, compared to $0.10 for a public sale. The token amount, however, is larger for the public sale, with 8 million in the picture. The same is true for private sales registered at 2 million. Depending on how well the community responds, tokens will be up for grabs irrespective of the sale one participates in. Private sales, however, will surely give advantages to select users.

Softcap is mutual for both with 30 ETH. The difference is in hardcap, with private sales seeing 100 ETH on the list. There is no definite mark for public sale.

The DEX listing and platform launch are scheduled for May 17, 2023, which is the day after the public sale ends.

CBetWorld aims to ensure that it revolutionizes the casino and DeFi industries. It has indeed begun at the right point. There is a rising trend in crypto presales, with many upcoming ICOs for 2023. For instance, the launchpad for Ecoterra is yet to be decided, but it’s presale is expected to remain on the floor until July 31, 2023. Similarly, Radiant Capital’s presale is live, with the final date set for May 10, 2023.

The launch schedule announcement comes days after CBetWorld announced the CBetWorld Education season. The announcement was made to educate the community on how to monetize the platform. It also seeks to clarify CBetWorld while collaborating with the community to develop superior protocols.

User activity in the CBetWorld Education season will see rewards being rolled out. The top ten wise whales, for example, will take home a 10,000 $CBetChip token reward. Members who stay active the most will also gain access to Project Beta testing.


CBetWorld is a casino platform that combines Play & Earn and Decentralized Finance elements. It extends support to the ecosystem in terms of stability and growth.

Per the launch schedule, CBetWorld will prioritize the Whitelist Giveaway. Hence, being a part of the Discord community will come in handy. A private sale will follow this, and then a public sale.

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