cBridge backing the linking of uniETH with X Layer

Following the backing of cross-chain staking with the help of uniETH tokens, the inclination was to provide added backing so that uniETH could offer holders further utility. Therefore, cBridge is backing the linking of uniETH with X Layer, a ZK-boosted decentralized Ethereum Layer 2 network. 

It is Celer’s initial connection with OKX’s X Layer mainnet, beginning with the bridging backing of uniETH up and down the Ethereum mainnet. Over and above that, X Layer has incorporated Celer’s inter-chain messaging infrastructure, bringing about various interoperability opportunities. 

X Layer combines the OKX and Ethereum communities and provides safe blockchain exposure. It utilizes cryptographic ZK proofs to verify and finalize off-chain transaction computations. By linking the OKX and Polygon ecosystems, X Layer improves user exposure, encourages inventiveness, and powers optics builders. 

Its Ethereum adaptability ascertains smooth incorporation of present smart contracts and instruments with cost-effective transactions. X Layer works upon upgrades, data accessibility, and safety factors, offering united liquidity and speedy finality. 

Through the connection with X Layer, Celer is backing uniETH, bridging through the xAsset prototype for shifting tokens between Ethereum Mainnet and X Layer. This paves the way for the holders of uniETH to use their tokens on X Layer to receive added utility. 

X Layer and Celer have jointly incorporated Celer’s inter-chain messaging infrastructure, a message-sharing format, within X Layer’s tech stack. This allows builders to create dApps with the help of cross-chain applications. 

Through this, dApps will be able to build cross-chain UXs amongst X Layer and multiple outside blockchains, bringing about the backing of NFT bridges, the possibility of buying and bidding of NFTs throughout separate chains, and cross-chain reward receiving. 

X Layer network of OKX recently released its public mainnet. It offers builders connectivity with the biggest blockchain ecosystems. 

Bedrock was the initial liquid staking and restaking format when it began with uniETH, and it later transformed into the initial liquid staking format on the ioTex network. 

Celer Network, on its part, is a blockchain interoperability format, allowing a single-click user exposure while connecting with tokens and DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and others throughout various chains.

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