Celer and Standard Protocol Partner for Enhanced Interoperability

Taking its partnership with the Celer Network one step ahead, Standard protocol has announced that this coming together with the former will be extended for the launch of the MeterUSD ($USM) stablecoin. The launch of the stablecoin is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2022, and this assumes significance in the backdrop of recent integration that Celer has announced with the network of Metis and Astar. 

The integration of the cBridge has been completed now, and this is going to help $USM to have the delivery on both the networks. In addition, there’s a possibility of expanding its scope of operation on the other blockchain networks in the future too. It is also important to note that the user interface of cBridge will be integrated into the decentralized exchange platform of the Standard protocol. The formal announcement in this regard is expected to happen very soon. 

Celer Network has carved a place for itself by becoming one of the finest scaling platforms using the layer-2 protocol. The network is known for its secure, fast, and affordable applications that can be utilized across the blockchain networks, including the Polkadot and Ethereum, among others. 

The network is working hard to achieve the ambitious goal of mass adoption, and it has been at the forefront of launching new products – sample the launch of the network in terms of the world’s first state channel network that come with roll-up technology and is based on the scaling application of the layer-2 solutions. 

Celer Network is proving instrumental in attracting a large number of users to the segment of blockchain technology and allied categories such as online gaming, decentralized finance, and interoperable platform. Specifically, cBridge is making huge strides in terms of popularity thanks to its tremendously capable interoperability platform that provides users with the ability to connect across more than ten different blockchain networks to bridge their digital assets and receive arbitrary messages. 


All these services are available at an affordable cost, and the icing of the cake is the highest safety and security that this protocol comes equipped with. One can easily estimate the worth of the cBridge by looking at the $2 billion worth of assets that this platform has been able to bridge across the networks to date.

Scott Cook

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