Celestia launches its mainnet

Celestia has announced that its mainnet is now live, effective October 31, 2023, at 14:00 UTC. The mainnet has been codenamed Lemon Mint and is not the first modular data availability network. Celestia has said this is a major milestone for the community that has supported them throughout the development, especially since the LazyLedger Whitepaper was published.

Celestia announced in a post that a new era has begun, adding that it is an era of verifiability in which participants can operate a light node securely. Additionally, this has been described as the beginning of an era of collaboration in which blockchains can build upon one another.

The launch of the mainnet is also an opportunity for developers to construct applications that introduce blobspace, such as onchain gaming. Rollup Framework, Smart Contract dev, Block Explorers, and Wallets are a few of the tools available to developers.

The goal of Celestia is to go for trust minimization so that a centralized API is not ideally required to connect with Celestia. Meaning, anyone can publish data by running the light node of Celestia. There is no restriction whatsoever in terms of participation for members of the ecosystem.

While the initiative is still in its early stages, the Celestia community is seeking information on a number of expectations and security-related aspects. For instance, the community has been asked to construct initiatives responsibly and to contribute to the protocol’s maintenance and development. Performance issues on the Celestia mainnet are inevitable; however, they will be investigated as soon as developers disclose them through the official Celestia channels.

A major achievement that the mainnet has recorded is realizing the mission of growing the size of nodes. This will be seen in the times to come as Celestia attempts to achieve 1 GB blocks, 1 billion light nodes, and 1 million rollups.

The development comes days after Celestia partnered with the Arbitrum Foundation. The partnership refers to Celestia integrating with Arbitrum Orbit. The integration further includes having Nitro stack on board so that developers have the option to publish data on platforms. Developers can alternatively create their own orbit chain to settle the transactions.

Another part of the development for Celetia is the introduction of the Celestia Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that has been tasked with keeping the values of Celestia on track.

It reiterates that users must be first-class citizens who can directly verify the integrity of the blockchain. This does require them to depend on centralized intermediaries. The Foundation will now work to fund its R&D department, open-source public goods, support open core development, and support the development of infrastructure.

Circling back to the mainnet launch of Celestia, it has been live since October 31, 2023, at 14:00 UTC. The project is codenamed Lemon Mint to make Celestia the first modular data availability network.

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