Celestia: Pioneering advanced data integration with Arbitrum Orbit

The Celestia Foundation recently announced joining hands with the Arbitrum Foundation. The collaboration will see Celestia integrate with Arbitrum Orbit.

According to Celestia’s latest post, the network will integrate Arbitrum Orbit and its complete Nitro stack. With this, Celestia has become the first module data availability network to integrate into Arbitrum Orbit.

With the integration, developers on Celestia will have the option to publish data to Arbitrum Nova, Arbitrum One, and Celestia. Developers can create their own dedicated orbit chain on Arbitrum Orbit that can settle into one of Arbitrum’s L2 chains.

These chains include Arbitrum Sepolia, Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Goerli, and Arbitrum Nova. The integration has created the most advanced scaling Blockchain solution available in the industry.

As a modular consensus and data network, Celestia can safely scale its operations based on the number of users. The network is now becoming the first modular DA solution for developers on Ethereum that can scale based on DAS (Data Availability Sampling).

The network is optimized to share the data throughput required for millions of rollups without any security compromise. Arbitrum and Ethereum developers can access Celestia through Blobstream, which is currently sharing data with the Ethereum Sepolia testnet.

Blobstream can also be deployed on Arbitrum Layer 2 chains for implementation with Arbitrum Orbit and its Nitro stack. Elias Abi Daoud, Arbitrum Foundation’s Community Lead, commented on the recent development.

According to Daoud, the Arbitrum team is thrilled to be working with Celestia. The permissionless nature of Orbit will broaden the range of supported data availability opportunities beyond Ethereum. The team is looking forward to growing its diverse network of developers by leveraging this technology.

Similarly, Mustafa Al-Bassam Celestia, co-founder, also praised the collaboration. The co-founder stated that Celestia’s mission is to simplify the process of deploying a Blockchain. With the integration, Celestia’s modular DA layer is merged with Arbitrum’s vibrant ecosystem.

Now, developers can launch customizable, high-throughput chains using Stylus and Orbit, added Al-Bassam.

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