Celo and Google Cloud extend their partnership

Celo has announced that Google Cloud and its team are extending the partnership. The highlight of the announcement is that Google Cloud is running a validator on the network. While it has become one of the validators on the list, having Google Cloud by its side enables Celo to boast that it has a more secure network in the market.

Moving forward, cLabs aims to leverage the Blockchain Engine Node of Google Cloud for two main purposes. These are streamlining the transition and accelerating the pace at which it has been planned to move. This follows Monday’s voting process, where members agreed to Celo migrating to the Ethereum layer-2 ecosystem.

As for Google Cloud and Celo, the partnership goes back to this year’s April. That was a time when Google’s arm committed to supporting startups with a sustainable agenda and the will to construct a project that helps serve that purpose. This was to be done through the Founders Program workshops along with events. The goal was to specifically help the Web3 sphere find a way to host events and gain support.

Notably, Celo is also a part of its Web3 Startup Program. 

Google Cloud joining the list of validators helps impactMarket and Deutsche Telekom AG. They, too, participate and validate the platform. Having Google Cloud with them on the list gives a sense of confidence and assurance that the community is in safe hands.

Carlos, the Director of Digital Assets at Google Cloud, has highlighted that their focus is on strengthening the Web3 ecosystem by offering tools to founders and developers. Carlos has added that these tools will help them build applications that can later be scaled. Meaning Google Cloud is focused on providing the best suite of tools with the factor of scalability to Web3 startups. Both are pretty much the basic necessities for developers and founders.

Knowing that Google Cloud is further backed by Google gives them more confidence as the internet giant is known for innovation and creativity.

Cazador, the Head of Ecosystem Growth in Celo, has said that both share a mission of leveraging the potential of blockchain technology and innovation with the objective of boosting sustainable solutions for people across the globe. These solutions pertain to everyday activities.

The community has reacted positively to this news, with most of them saying that it is indeed amazing news. Others have said that they love Celo, seeing it grow and partnering with reliable ventures to utilize its full potential. That is mostly an echo of what Cazador has said in the detailed statement. That highlights that the community is honored to have Google Cloud under the mutual commitment to accelerate the adoption of Web3 tools.

Similarly, Carlos has said that partnering with Celo allows them to run  validator on the network to further build on the collaboration. They are now looking forward to enabling the growth of Celo and its network.

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