Celo and TinyTap partner for climate change for kids

TinyTap recently announced a partnership with Celo over Twitter/X. The collaboration will see Celo acting as the Web3 partner for a novel campaign.

The campaign titled Climate Change for Kids is spreading awareness about climate change and sustainability for future generations. TinyTap released a string of tweets to inform users more about the partnership.

The platform praised Celo as the world’s leading mobile-first, carbon-negative, EVM-supported blockchain ecosystem. Celo is also leading a new virtual economy for every user.

Since its launch, the platform has promoted sustainability for blockchain technology. TinyTap also mentioned how the platform has been amazed by Celo’s work and its drive to spread awareness about developing digital environmental assets.

According to TinyTap, education will play a major role in bringing awareness to the topic. That is why the platform is targeting a younger audience for a positive impact. The Celo ReFi community will assist TinyTap in using blockchain to address climate change.

Besides the partnership, TinyTap also announced a surprise AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. More information about the session will be shared on its official social media handles. 

Celo has been working its way through scalability benefits for a while. The platform joined Chainlink’s SCALE program a couple of months ago to boost its adoption. The integration allowed Celo to leverage top-notch, low-cost Oracle services.

Moreover, Chainlink also offered to power Celo’s Data Feeds using its Oracle nodes. The development was approved on the Celo governance forum with 99% support. Ever since the integration, Celo has increased its efforts to spread awareness about sensitive topics, such as climate change.

Celo’s most recent collaboration with TinyTap is an additional step in addressing sensitive issues. Given the established credibility of both parties, it is anticipated that their collaboration will also be a significant success.

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