Celo Blockchain Introduces Uniswap v3 and Green Asset Pools

The announcement of Uniswap v3 and the Green Asset pool launching on the Celo blockchain is welcomed, enabling all Celo users to have direct access to Uniswap DEX and pools. 

Considering this factor, the voluntary carbon will be the gainer and tremendously. What with receiving access and liquidity through pools like Mass carbon credit token pool. This will further help speed up climate action, as other protocols will integrate programmable carbon credits on Celo.

The pools on Uniswap v3’s pioneering concentrated liquidity architecture will be utilized for building decentralized financial (Defi) products and services. These products and services will be instrumental and create not an otherwise extractive but a regenerative economy, which is completely the need of the hour. Defi for the People, an exercise propagated by Celo Foundation, has embarked on an ambitious path of driving further funds towards regenerative finance (Refi) liquidity. 

The focus here is on the concerns and caring for the climate and the planet. The questions are many, and the aim and direction are to address them as situations progress. ReFi Summer is embarking on the next phase, the all-encompassing Green Liquidity Campaign, which the Climate Collective leads. 

This initiative is governed by the need to focus on closely improving the planet and its present conditions. Furthermore, it would create and sustain a larger, greener footprint. To achieve this, the plan is to get more like-minded persons and communities like crypto-curious and crypto-enthusiasts on board and collectively join hands with the Celo community. With the close contact and connection with ReFi and every resource it possesses, the now further empowered group will become a force to reckon with. Their actions to improve general climatic conditions and the planet will see increased positive situations and conditions.   

Thereafter, as part of their meticulously laid out plan, the Celo foundation, Climate collective, and all the partners put together will be engaged in seed liquidity to quicken the process of exchanging assets on Uniswap. 

As is understandable, it will be mutually beneficial for more reasons than one. For a start, There will automatically follow a substantial expansion where mobile-first ReFi is concerned. With that, Celo users will be able to pay with Mento stable assets (cEUR, cUSD, and cREAL) and thus have direct access to Uniswap. This will all be conducted over mobile browsers.

So as not to divert from the current set plan of action, other mission-aligned viable projects will be launched simultaneously on Celo. This will also be executed with the collective participation of all Climate Collective partners.   


To sum it up, the vision is to engage in plans and actions touching the real world collectively. Carbon footprints are to be expanded upon, and all issues related to the betterment of the planet to be duly addressed, making a positive change and mark.

Scott Cook

Scott Cook got into crypto world since 2010. He has worked as a news writer for three years in some of the foremost publications. He recently joined our team as a crypto news writer. He regularly contributes latest happenings of crypto industry. In addition to that, he is very good at technical analysis.

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