Celo joins Chainlink SCALE & enhances Celo’s ecosystem growth

Soon after the Celo community approved, Celo announced its joining of Chainlink SCALE (Sustainable Chainlink Access for Layer 1 and 2 Enablement) program that will help speed up the adoption of the regenerative ecosystem of Celo. The initiative will also accelerate the growth of the ecosystem and long-term Celo adoption by providing Celo developers with reliable and low-cost Chainlink Oracle services and data. 

The Chainlink SCALE program is a great initiative, centering the sustainable acceleration of the growth of layer 1 and 2 blockchains. It focuses on providing L1s/L2s with increased access to low-cost, in-demand, and high-quality Oracle services by allowing them to cover operating costs such as cash transactions and gas fees as L1 and L2 in the program mature. Operating costs of the oracle network will increasingly transition towards being completely covered by user fees of dApps.

The participation of Celo in SCALE will maximize the success of the project by increasing the access of Celo developers to industry-leading Oracle services and data and minimizing gas fees incurred by Chainlink nodes while submitting oracle reports on the Celo platform. 

Resource deployment will help Celo realize its mission to become a higher-utility, layer-1 network and give its developers access to a range of low-cost and reliable oracle services for a long period of time. This will allow Celo to support fully-featured, highly efficient, and secure next-gen mobile apps. 

According to the Head of Ecosystem Growth at Celo Foundation, Xochitl Cazador, the goal of the community in joining Chainlink SCALE is to achieve long-term sustainability. Celo developers will now get access to Oracle services on Chainlink, allowing the next-gen of highly scalable mobile apps on Web3. 


Head of Blockchain Partnerships at Chainlink Labs, Niki Ariyasinghe expressed the same thrill for joining the SCALE program to support the long-term adoption and growth of the mobile-first, ReFi ecosystem. Celo will empower its app developers by minimizing operating costs and helping them build sophisticated mobile apps that drive global Web3 adoption.

Trevor Holman

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