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Celo proposes to choose Optimism as it transitions to L2

Celo proposes to choose Optimism as it transitions to L2

cLabs recently announced choosing Optimism for its transition to L2.  Both cLabs and Optmisim have confirmed their online collaboration.

According to Optimism’s latest tweet, Celo will migrate to Layer 2 to build on the OP Stack. By developing on the OP Stack, Celo L2 can achieve the following:

  • Decrease block time with better throughput
  • Maintain 1-block finality
  • Stay on track for the Ultragreen Money course
  • Keep ERC-20 tokens for gas currency
  • Keep core features to send money through email, phone numbers, etc.

Celo also talked about the collaboration via its official X account. The network celebrated its four years of Celo Mainnet and announced that it was time for CEL2. On Earth Day in 2020, the network launched the Celo mainnet.

The network is switching to Ethereum Layer 2 with Optimism to mark the occasion. The community voting session resulted in a unanimous decision in favor of the switch. The community has been evaluating and testing Arbitrum Orbit, OP Stack, ZK Stack, and Polygon CDK.

The developers have also integrated the Gingerbread Hardfork to make preparations for the L2 transition. The team considered a variety of factors, including time and production, as well as Ethereum alignment.

In the end, they decided that building with OP Stack facilitates a clear path to deploy Layer 2 without compromising the Celo community’s needs. Celo can rest assured about its future, as they have tested the network with chains in stack compatibility and production.

Besides the aforementioned benefits, the collaboration will also unlock technical benefits, such as:

  • A dip in block time from 5 seconds to 2 seconds
  • A 50% hike in throughput
  • An added layer of security while bridging to Ethereum

Moreover, Celo is celebrating the 4th anniversary throughout the week. Users can now mint a free, exclusive CEL2 NFT on the Celosphere marketplace. With more quests and drops on the way, the network is attracting a wave of new users.

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