Centrifuge successfully delivers Centrifuge Prime

Centrifuge, which is basically a DeFi protocol meant for carrying out investments in real-time assets, successfully delivers its Centrifuge Prime, which helps DAOs to oversee a bunch of RWAs in beta. Centrifuge Prime, on its part, will be playing the role of strengthening DAOs in scouring ways of creating fresh revenue means. In the words of the CEO and Co-Founder of Centrifuge, Lucas Vogelsang, protocols have the ability to establish legal, as well as a technical framework that is required to take on and upgrade real-time asset investments in a secure fashion. 

Where Centrifuge is concerned, it is an on-chain credit protocol that provides the opportunity for users to be able to fund real-time enterprises. Users are also able to get connected to an array of assets like asset-backed securities, real estate, and invoice financing. In the case of investors, they are able to obtain a stablecoin yield, as well as rewards, through Centrifuge’s CFG token. The entity has a present value amounting to $200 million. Centrifuge Prime’s core consists of a technical as well as legal framework that enables DAOs to connect with a dependable avenue for making investments in RWAs. 

In the recent past, Centrifuge had formed associations with Aave and MakerDAO for the deliverance of a varied RWA market on Aave v2. In the case of MakerDao, the deal was to garner the backing for RWAs. MakerDAO provided the opportunity for the liquidity providers connected with Centrifuge to be able to carry out the minting of Maker’s DAI stablecoin. It was in the month of December 2022 when MakerDAO joined hands with Block Tower Credit for the positioning of $220 million on Centrifuge. Presently, they have associated with BlockTower for the tokenization of the vault and shift the activities on-chain. 

MakerDAO has plans to work on Endgame with the support of Rune Christensen, who is the Founder. In the meanwhile, MakerDAO is pursuing furthering its reach towards real-time assets, for which the protocol is making an added contribution amounting to $750 million for the sake of making investments in U.S. treasuries, as well as bonds.   

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