Centrifuge unveils its vision at NYC’s Real-World Asset Summit

Centrifuge has made some crucial announcements at the Real-World Asset Summit that was held in New York City. These are in line with the vision of the platform. Announcements are primarily associated with institutional-quality assets, new ecosystem partners, and cross-chain launches. The idea is to meet the rising demand for real-world assets.

The first announcement centers around liquidity pools. This multi-chain product empowers investors to access real-world asset yields on the network. It does not restrict them to a select list. Instead, it gives them the liberty to access assets of their choice. All they have to do is leverage the network’s liquidity to access real-world assets’ yield.

It will first go live on Arbitrum and Base as a testnet. Needless to say, it will follow the launch of the mainnet on the said networks first before expanding its footprints.

Jesse Pollak, the Head of Protocols at Coinbase, has acknowledged that there is a rise in the demand for investment in real-world assets. They have further stated that they are looking forward to enabling access to a diversified pool of assets for their users, especially in terms of institutional-grade assets via Centrifuge.

Centrifuge Prime by Centrifuge’s DAO will first go live on Aave. This makes it one of the largest DeFi protocols and the first DAO to onboard the solution. Centrifuge Prime is being launched with the intention of enhancing transparency and trustlessness. The first pilot transaction will involve moving funds worth $1 million as an investment in the US Treasury bill pool. It will be for a short duration, with the pool being on Anemoy.

This has put Aave in a special place for Centrifuge, as hosting Centrifuge Prime makes it one of the most trusted DeFi platforms, with DeFi being an acronym for Decentralized Finance.

Efforts are being made to ensure collaborators continue joining the Centrifuge ecosystem. Circle, Mauve, and Chronicle Labs are included here. Circle aligns with the partnership by introducing native USDC and an on/off ramp for investors and issuers. Mauve is a secondary market provider that adheres to applicable regulations.

Finally, the collaboration of Centrifuge with Chronicle Labs grants the ecosystem access to real-time price feeds, bringing the solution to Centrifuge Pools. This is a feature that is exclusive to both partners.

Centrifuge has announced new pools in collaboration with New Silver, Anemoy Capital, and Flowcarbon.

Anemoy Capital brings tokenized liquid t-bills, while Flowcarbon is working on the second pool on Centrifuge. This is being done in partnership with Celo. Investors will largely benefit from this, as they can access all real-world asset portfolios in a single place.

Centrifuge is further pioneering collaboration in the industry via the Tokenized Asset Coalition. It consists of Circle, Centrifuge, Coinbase, Credix, and Aave Companies, among others.

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