ChainGuardians Launches the pnetwork Node To Surprise Traders

Leading gaming platform based on blockchain technology, Chainguardians has announced the launch of its highly-anticipated project, the pNetwork node, as a part of its collaboration in March with the pNetwork firm. The integration will lay an effect on the gas fees charged from the users and will improve the operational capacities of the core interface. The pNetwork is a decentralized portal that is managed through a DAO, which allows investors to stake the PNT token and avail voting rights on their respective proportional limits.

According to the report, the ChainGuardians portal will earn a proportion of fees charge through the NFT Mining solution for operating a node and safeguarding the pNetwork ecosystem. The team has decided to distribute a proportional amount of fees earned from the customers who shall be shifting CGG to Binance Smart Chain from the Ethereum Mainnet channel. This step will reduce the gas fees for the users and will provide direct benefits to them for switching the networks via ChainGuardians’ pNetwork node facility.

The achievement can be attributed to pNetwork’s major player and its native NFT, the pPaco or the pNetwork Parrot. The exciting NFT solution will help to bridge the gap between different portals and users. The pNetwork with its pTokens allows seamless movement of assets between multiple blockchain protocols. The firm presently facilitates the interaction of nodes among leading blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The ChainGuardians team comprises experts from the gaming space who strive to combine superhero games with blockchain expertise. It is known for launching the first-ever NFT Mining Portal and interoperable RPG for fans. The interface of the channel supports play-to-earn and free-to-play facilities for players.

Trevor Holman

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