Chainlink Automation positioned live on Base

Chainlink Automation is currently live on Base, a Layer 2 blockchain renowned for its speed and scalability. It has been supported by Ethereum and nurtured by Coinbase. This integration will provide Base developers with access to gas-efficient, decentralized, and authenticated smart contract automation capabilities.

Chainlink Automation is known to be the safest, most dependable, and most cost-friendly automation solution for Web3 developers. Base developers will be capable of offloading compute-related work on the Chainlink Network. This will deal with authenticable factors related to blockchains and a reduction of 90% in terms of gas prices.

Johann Eid, chief business officer of Chainlink Labs, asserts that by integrating Chainlink’s off-chain computation capability with Base’s upgradeability Layer 2 network, developers can generate avant-garde Web3 exposure. This is supported in its entirety by the legitimacy of the authenticated web.

In addition, developers can augment the computational load associated with their smart contracts. This aids in the development of more current use cases. Automation facilitates an expanded range of activators, enabling the development of novel approaches to address log situations implemented on-chain. It functions as a robust messaging gateway.

Jesse Pollak, the developer of Base, asserts that it is to their benefit to observe the cutting-edge applications that Base developers are constructing by leveraging the off-chain computation capabilities enabled by Chainlink Automation.

Currently, Base provides access to a vast selection of Chainlink solutions, including CCIP, data feeds, and automation. The developers are furnished with the necessary equipment to create a new quantity of upgradable applications.


Chainlink is a benchmark for decentralized computing platforms contributing to a more authentic web. Through its provision of off-chain computing, real-time data, and secure cross-chain interoperability across all blockchains, Chainlink has enabled massive transaction volumes for developers, banks, and entrepreneurs. Chainlink accelerates authenticated applications targeting DeFi, the banking industry, international commerce, gaming, and additional verticals.

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