Chainlink Keepers Is Live in Its Open Beta Form

Chainlink Keepers Open Beta is live now. This will help the new smart contract development platform receive valuable feedback from various stakeholders, including the community and users. The platform’s primary services include methods and tools for automating smart contracts that will equip developers with never-seen-before capabilities. It will also become helpful in developing cost-efficient and highly reliable smart contracts with the capability of changing the fortunes of the DeFi industry.

The platform has now been open for critical reviews and feedback so that the final version will be more aligned with the needs and expectations of the users. There is a range of new functionalities that Chainlink Keepers comes equipped with. These include equipping the developers to perform and monitoring a range of operations related to smart contracts. Some of the specific examples of these new capabilities include executing limit orders on the various decentralizing exchanges, minting tokens in case of the increase in the reverses, harvesting the yields from vaults, triggering trading strategies on an automated basis, liquidating loans, releasing the locked assets after a certain period of inactivity, and a topping up balance after tokens fall below a predetermined threshold level.

Chainlink Keepers can also be utilized as an automation bot to carry out various operations related to smart contracts. This means many resources in terms of time, effort, and money can be saved by using this automated technology. This will also eliminate the use of a centralized system to develop and control operations related to smart contracts. The new platform guarantees more reliability for the critical projects that require close coordination, monitoring, and integration functions from across stakeholders.


In sum, this new platform is expected to help smart contract segments achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness not only in the development process but also in the aspect of execution, scaling, and monitoring.

Roxanne Williams

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