LINK recently partnered with AELF Blockchain for a decentralized oracle service provider.

ChainLink Chart By TradingView

Considering the data from the last 5 days, LINK was initially seen trading at $1.71551 above the baseline as on September 13, 2019 around 01:35 UTC. The price then dropped by 12.49% to the lowest point on the same day at 19:35 UTC when the trade changed to $1.501. The value saw a slight escalation by 9.13% trading at $1.6383 as on September 16, 2019 at 02: 10 UTC.

A slight drop was seen again on the same day by 5.33% at 12:20 UTC trading at $1.55104, which is now escalated by 10.76% as of now, when compared with the latter price.

LINK price is now lifted from the solid bearish pressure and its investors can opt for going long with their investments.

The resistance and support levels might help the investors to avoid any downfall in the trade:

Resistance Levels:

R1: $1.67, R2: $1.72, R3: $1.77

Support Levels:

S1: $1.57, S2: $1.52, S3: $1.47


Considering the recent trade, the short-term investment is an easy way to earn fetch marginally on everyday basis. The value might surprise us with highest touch point by this month end if it continues to trade with the same momentum.

LINK Price Chart

The long-term investment is a definitely a ‘good’ call for the traders and investors. LINK is surging in the upward direction, and thus the investors in the long-term trade might be able to gain positive returns from their investments.

LINK Price Chart