Chainlink Powered Curse NFT Goes Live on Ethereum

The Chainlink Keeper Network has integrated with Curse NFT, and today, the integration is live on the main network of Ethereum according to reports. The integration has enabled users to automate the upgrade of Curse NFT in tandem with the price of Ethereum in a cost-effective, decentralized, and transparent manner. The update of Curse NFT has made it possible for users to execute iconic and innovative artworks to trigger the movement of dynamic NFTs. Chainlink is the industry standard when it comes to the execution of hybrid smart contracts. The decentralized Oracle solutions of Chainlink provide developers with a huge collection of data sources and secures off-chain computation to improve the execution of smart contracts, irrespective of the blockchain. Chainlink is also known to secure value worth billions of dollars for the execution of smart contracts across platforms of different domains that include gaming, insurance, DeFi, and more. 

The reason behind the selection of the Chainlink Keeper Network is its high level of security and immaculate track record of reliability, transparency, and high uptime that professional DevOps maintain. Chainlink Keeper Network enjoys a solid reputation in the industry for the operation of several Chainlink ecosystem projects of high value amid erratic market events and exorbitant gas prices. The network improves the determinism of the responsiveness of Curse NFT to the fluctuating price of Ethereum. Here you get price history and forecast data. It makes sure of the indestructible nature of Curse NFT by decentralizing an essential part of the protocol and eliminating the points of failure. 


The central mission of the Chainlink Keeper Network and Curse NFT is to make it convenient for creators at every level to produce NFT-based art with the help of Chainlink that will automate the data-driven upgrades of Curse NFT as well as the distribution of rewards. The auction event for Curse NFT is currently live at up to 13th September 2021.

Roxanne Williams

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