Chainlink Welcomes the Integration of Newroad Capital as a Latest Independent Node

Chainlink is an ecosystem that consists of secure blockchain middleware that connects smart contracts across blockchains. Newroad capital is a small company focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Currently, after this integration, Newroad will concentrate at first on working a Chainlink hub.

Moreover, running a Chainlink node will empower Newroad to give a service that permits external non-blockchain information to be directly accessible for smart contracts. The significance here is to provide a stable foundation by being one of the several node operators that keep the oracle service decentralized so that it does not depend on a single substance.

Chainlink was Launched by San Francisco fintech organization SmartContract in June 2017, which is described by its engineers as a secure blockchain middleware that aims to interface smart contracts through blockchains by enabling smart contracts to access vital off-chain assets, like, web APIs, traditional bank account payments and Data Feeds.

Moreover, Newroad capital is a small organization that was founded in 2017. At first, the focus was on advice and development in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. They primarily provide services in three primary zones like Delegation and Staking Service, Digital Asset Support, and Blockchain Infrastructure.

Additionally, Newroad completely accepts that a permissionless blockchain model will be the base of numerous future products in driving enterprises, like, transport, finance, healthcare, and agriculture, and some more. Moreover, it fills in as safe, tamper-proof, and transparent information sourced worldwide and secured by its members. Besides, its objective is to support networks that have the reliable and honest potential for improving markets and expanding on a sustainable future.

Chainlink can be described as a decentralized oracle framework that empowers smart contracts to safely access off-chain information feeds, web APIs, and bank payments. Chainlink is reliably chosen as one of the top blockchain technology by driving independent research firms like Gartner. Also, it is known for giving profoundly secure and dependable oracles to large organizations like Oracle, Google, and SWIFT and well-known smart contract development groups.

Furthermore, the Chainlink engineers accept that even though smart contracts may change several businesses by replacing the requirement for conventional legal agreements, the fundamental agreement conventions identified with blockchain technology resulted in smart contracts are not able to successfully communicate to external frameworks.

Scott Cook

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