Champions Arena releases three new Legendary Champions

Champions Arena is generating buzz across the community with its new release. The game has released three new Legendary Champions: Jia, Zafrina, and Lavina.

Players can get their hands on the new characters with a boosted chance of winning. The limited-time special event will run until the build update, which is set for mid-September. During the event, players will get an enhanced chance to summon one of the characters.

The Web3 RPG has boosted the chances of unlocking the characters by 4x. The characters are already live, so users can get started with the process right now. As expected, all the Legendary Characters are available via in-game Summoning.

Players can alternatively mint the Champions on GalaChain through Minting Scrolls at the Estate’s Altar of Champions. The NFT-minted version of the Champions will provide an extra 15% boost to players’ Victory Points. The boost will remain active until Season 3 ends.

Champions Arena offers New Champion Growth Packs to ensure the players have maximum fun in the shortest amount of time. The pack will power up the Legendary Champions quickly, avoiding the level grind.

These packs are also available for a limited time only and will end as soon as the summon rates for the Champions go back to normal. Besides this, the game is offering several bug fixes, updates, and improvements.

Here is an overview of what the OneUniverse team has fixed:-

  • An issue causing the skill description to not match the skill effect
  • An issue where Ifrit casts did not result in buff removal 
  • An issue where the activated skills do not work
  • An issue with King Titan’s skill description 
  • Translation and localization errors 
  • An issue where NFT Champions were still locked when linked 
  • An issue with Quixote’s passive effect working abnormally

The RPG has issued a list of the updates; users can check them out on their social media handles. Players like the new Champions, and the boosted summoning rate is also elevating their popularity.

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