Chancer sells 25% of presale tokens in its first week

Chancer recently announced selling 25% of its presale tokens within a week of its launch.

The token amount has raised over $250K, showing great promise to investors. The team aims to accrue over 1 million dollars with the first presale. With 11 more crypto presale events upcoming, users have something to look forward to for months.

As a Web3 P2P custom betting platform, Chancer will help users livestream betting events. Similar to multiple projects in the Web3 industry, Chancer also possesses decentralized properties. It allows the betting platform to help users bet on multiple events besides sports events.

The feature makes Chancer a viable priority for Bitcoin sportsbooks with massive user bases. Chancer is trying to create a P2P betting platform where players can participate in live events based on their interests, expertise, and social media connections.

The Chancer whitepaper reads that the platform has removed the odds added by bookmakers. The biggest USP of the platform is its non-inclusion of sports events. The platform allows users to bet on any event, be it artificial or mainstream.

Users can even predict unorthodox events, such as humans walking on Mars or even placing personal bets with friends. The fact that the platform has raised 258,000 dollars within a week of its launch shows its progress.

CHANCER has been issued as the native Chancer token that will power multiple activities on the platform. During the presale, CHANCER has been priced at $0.01 BUSD per token. CHANCER token holders can create different markets and invest in other markets. 

The token allows them to profit from other predictive markets based on their expertise. The token and the platform are currently in their early stages but show immense promise. Users should note that the team has decided to raise the token’s price to 0.011 dollars in the upcoming presale event. 

Roxanne Williams

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