Chancer’s first exchange listing to be hosted by BitMart

Chancer has announced that it will initiate the first listing on BitMart Exchange. The announcement follows the crypto project securing a fundraising worth $1 million. Partnering with BitMart gives Chancer a huge benefit. For starters, Chancer gains access to over 180 countries. 

Second, the platform has a daily trading volume of $500 million on average. Interested users can get their hands on the token right from the first stage. The price has been set at $0.011. 

Stage 3 is likely to have the token at a higher price of $0.012, a rise of 9%, with both stages pertaining to the presale phase. Alternatively, CHANCER can be bought from the official website of the crypto project. Users can keep an eye on other crypto presale after CHANCER has concluded its round. For instance, Kryptview is scheduled to happen from November 26, 2023, to November 30, 2023. Meanwhile, dates for LEND and CryptoGPT are yet to be decided.

Chancer has emerged as one of the most exciting crypto projects in 2023. The fact that its fundraising milestone recently surpassed the mark of $1 million makes it more evident.

Adam Kelbie, the Chief Executive Officer of Chancer, has talked about the listing. Adam has said that they are thrilled with the trajectory accelerating every day, adding that their enthusiasm to work for the development is majorly fueled by the support from their community. Adam has assured that the team is actively pursuing partnership opportunities with more exchange platforms while tracking their performance.

With the online gambling sector valued at approximately $64 billion in 2022, Chancer’s capacity to initiate a substantial transformation appeals to crypto investors. If Chancer successfully executes its strategy, it could potentially present a formidable challenge to established industry leaders such as Playtech, Bet365 and other online crypto casinos.

This makes BitMart the first step in the expansion for Chancer. There is a lot left for the platform after it concludes all three stages of the presale of its token on BitMart.

The exchange platform receives benefits as well. It adds a token for the traders to consider. 

CHANCER not only expands the listing for BitMart, but it also gives a chance to users to consider diversifying their portfolio. CHANCER is driven by the utility that is largely restricted to the ecosystem of Chancer itself. The token enters the picture when users have to make or pay bets on the platform.

There is a high chance of sustainability as Chancer is audited by CertiK. It also reviewed other leading projects like Floki, The Sandbox, and Blockchain Bets.

Chancer presents a range of opportunities for its users to potentially earn rewards, including involvement in betting activities, receiving market-making incentives, engaging in staking, and participating in the innovative Share2Earn program. The distinctive configuration of directly linking betting participation with rewards has swiftly attracted the curiosity of the crypto community focused on social interactions.

The individuals behind Chancer, Adam and Paul Kelbie, actively contribute to molding the vibrant Chancer community. They consistently interact with members across various platforms and engage in diverse wagers with both each other and the community members directly.

To maintain its momentum and draw in new users, Chancer is presently conducting giveaways, which encompass rewards like $100,000 in tokens and an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas worth $25,000. As a demonstration of its spirited philosophy and dedication to its community, individuals holding CHANCER tokens are eligible to participate in these giveaways through the Gleam platform.

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