Charles Hoskinson finally responds to Cardano critics

The vocal founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, has finally responded to the new series of derogatory comments earlier this week that the network’s native coin has received from critics recently.

One of the criticisms was from Ben Armstrong, a crypto enthusiast who claimed that Cardano’s ADA had projected a dead end. He discarded his mismanaged Cardano’s staked pool before this statement.

The response of the Cardano founder to the criticism was directed at establishing new records straight away to avoid any misconception about the Cardano network.

To begin with, he assured all his X-followers that ADA was performing brilliantly, holding every card within the ecosystem. He claimed that the ADA blockchain has had some of the best scalability, innovation, and governance solutions. Hoskinson acknowledged the community‘s input to the success of the Blockchain network.

In the first quarter of 2024, Cardano plans to launch the Chang hard fork and the Plutus V3 development tool, focusing on reshaping the Blockchain trajectory for Cardano. The Chang hard fork is more than an upgrade since it will be a strategic achievement for ADA and its journey toward community governance. In addition to this, it will mark the introduction of the most awaited Voltaire, aligning with the ambitious road map of Cardano for 2024.

On the other hand, the Plutus V3 upgrade will most likely drive ADA’s demand and improve its performance on the PoS (proof-of-stake) network. This will be achieved by launching advanced tools and primitives, empowering software developers, and creating more innovative smart contracts with improved performance, size, optimization, and throughput.

Cardano’s support for ZKPs (zero-knowledge proofs) has created a channel for interoperability and privacy-improved solutions with several partner chains, such as Midnight. It is also worth mentioning that Plutus V3 was launched for testing in February on the SanchoNet platform. Witnessing the dramatic progress on SanchoNet, Hoskinson stated the Chain upgrade will go live soon, and Cardano will achieve a maximum of 209 papers that could be effortlessly translated.

Hoskinson also added that the existing problem with the industry lies in the domination of carnival barkers and short-term narratives, with AI having the same issue. Recently, Open AI proved overpowered, followed by Claude 3 and Grok 1.5, while Llama 3 would join soon.

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