Charles Hoskinson’s Vision on Cardano’s Future

As per the reports, Charles Hoskinson- the creator of Cardano recently said in an interview with Cheddar, that (the crypto industry) is not “quite there yet.” He pointed out the general tendency and expectation of the user of this time who has got used-to to the fact that every time they take out their smart-phones, it automatically connects to WiFi. No matter where the user is from, this tendency and dependency are quite prevalent. He further added- “But there is no reason that should be true.” He credited this dependency and ease of living to the hard work of the entire industry.

The Cardano creator further added, that his team is working hard on the collection of standards. This will come into existence in the next three to five years. This will empower the user to move information and value between different systems easily. He added-

“Not just Bitcoin to Litecoin to Ethereum to Cardano – but also your regular bank account, your Chase account or your Wells Fargo account or your credit card. Somehow you can move seamlessly between these different systems and do cross-border settlements.”

He emphasized on the near possibility of this to happen. He pointed out that his team is in the process of this “conversation.” He explained that it’s a mix of innovation and pragmatism. He further added-

“Sometimes the best standard doesn’t win, so you as a builder have to be willing to integrate that into your system – whatever ends up happening.”

When it comes to the cutting-edge competition between the leading blockchain networks such as Ethereum and Tron, Hoskinson has a unique take on it. On the recent heated Twitter debated between founders Vitalik Buterin and Justin Sun, Hoskinson said that he and his team are building infrastructure. He called Justin as a “special guy.” He hinted at the cordial relationship with Sun when he said that he recently had dinner with him in Hong Kong. According to Hoskinson, he is a “nice guy.”

He further said that these things are going to be around. He used ‘train, roads, planes, and power plants that we use,’ as an example and how they naturally took time to come around. These things come to stay with us for a very “long time.” He dismissed the urgency of who is at the first spot, or the rampant quickness of upgrading anything. He rather gave importance to the fact that things should serve a purpose. This serving of the purpose should be all and not just for a select few.

He pointed at having a global view. From addressing the needs of a coffee farmer to what will work for Wall Street, all come under his radar of service offering. His team ranges from university setting at Tokyo Tech and the University of Edinburgh, to the regular offices in areas such as Africa in Addis Ababa, and Ethiopia. He pointed that he and his team has validated the solutions that his team has come with, with “formal methods and code so that we feel that what we’ve constructed will work for the long term.” The vision is to create services that last next ten to twenty to thirty years, as in his words- “we eventually have to live with these decisions, for better or for worse.”

On the other hand, yesterday Cardano posted on Twitter-

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