Check out Valhalla: Floki Inu’s 1st ever-Metaverse game release

A new metaverse game makes its way into the market after Floki Inu announces the first major update on Valhalla. In this metaverse game, players can walk around and explore different states. More updates will be launched by the venture in the times to come. The FLOKI token powers Valhalla.

The development was shared through a Tweet where the game has been described as a turn-based combat game that tests the tactical abilities of players. Vera is not just an in-game character but also a non-fungible token. The blockchain-based game is processed over the L2 Optimism Kovan Testnet.

One of the objectives of publishing the game is reportedly to burn FLOKI tokens and move them into the game’s ecosystem, and it is released on Optimism Goerli.FLOKI can be used at every step of Valhalla, increasing the utility of the token and its demand. Valhalla is the first major release by Floki Inu in the metaverse gaming segment. A lot of areas will be developed or updated in the following releases.

Players can meet other characters and search for Veras, who comes in handy during a battle. Some Veras can be tough to handle. Therefore, the virtual world offers amulets to perfectly tame a Vera. Swing the battle on the favorable side by ensuring the amulet does wonders in taming Vera. Players can have a large group of Veras; however, only one can be taken to the battle. Veras can be stored and reorganized in a limited daycare space that expands as players progress in the game.

Furthermore, different areas can be explored. They mirror those which exist in real life. For instance, the beach in Valhalla is still an open space filled with sand in front of a great sea. The fact that they are attractive is a huge credit to the way the graphics have been designed for the screen.

Majestic hills and cliffs wait to welcome players who simply wish to sit by themselves and enjoy some scenic beauty. What makes Valhalla interesting is the offering of Town as an area. The architecture of the Town is inspired by Viking architecture to house a huge settlement of people.

Shops are available as well, allowing players to purchase necessary items and sell items that are no longer of any use to them. The only condition is that they should have never used the item being put up for sale. This is a way to pocket some decent profit. Plus, shops are a great place to get equipped for the battle.

The first major update of Valhalla currently faces a few issues. These are:-

  • Frame rate drop
  • Issues related to sound performances
  • Survive under water
  • Crash due to memory which could be browser specific


These issues will be resolved in the incremental updates scheduled to release over the coming days. Level caps will also be increased every 24-48 hours.

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