Cheeze Wizard, The First Cheese Battle Royale On DLT, Bags Pre-Sales Volumes Of Over 500 ETH

Blockchain-based games have become quite popular in recent times, and they are also a fun way to enter the realm of cryptocurrencies. Tonnes of games have penetrated the market, but Cheeze Wizard promises to be unique. It will be the first DLT based Battle Royale with Cheese.

The game was opened for pre-sale earlier this month, and it has managed to attract a lot of attention. Within a few days, Cheeze Wizard’s pre-sale volume has crossed 500 ETH.

Cheeze Wizard is created by the Dapper Labs, who also created one of the most famous blockchain games CryptoKitties. In a blog post last week, the blockchain network said,

In Cheeze Wizards, players use ether to summon Wizards to compete in a series of duels that make up the Cheeze Wizard Tournament. Every Wizard summoned increases the size of the Big Cheeze, the title and grand prize awarded to the Wizard who wins the tournament.

Though technically a Battle Royale game, Cheeze Wizard is built on emerging technologies. It will have a simple gameplay and logic, more like Pokémon than Street Fighter, the post further read.

The development team shall organize a multi-week global event called Cheeze Wizard Tournament, during which Wizards duel one another on a daily basis, gaining power proportional to the size of their victory. In the final phase of the tournament, a blue mold will appear, which will eat all Wizards below a particular power level. Therefore, all the Wizards below the threshold limit will be out of the tournament. The last Wizard standing will become the Big Cheeze and win the tournament and prized ether.

Cheeze Wizard is also set to go live in 3 days.

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