Chiliz Labs partners with CBI for new 3D entertainment platform

Chiliz Labs recently announced a strategic partnership with CBI. The collaboration will see Chiliz Labs expanding its AI-based 3D interactive entertainment platform.

Titled FAV or Football at AlphaVerse, the platform will be dedicated to football-based content. The platform will support the $FAV token, which users can mint on Chiliz Chain. Some use cases of the token include accessing digital events and accessing football-based content.

As a French technology company, CBI is assisting Chiliz Labs in developing the metaverse called AlphaVerse. The expected launch date for the platform is before 2023 ends. The upcoming platform will contain multiple entertainment projects and universes where users can access content in an immersive manner.

The partnership will primarily focus on FAV (Football at AlphaVerse), the AI-based platform that has gained official licenses from football clubs. Clubs, such as Cardiff City FC, Norwich City FC, Real Betis, and Sao Paulo FC, have signed a deal to participate in the FAV ecosystem.

More details about the platform will be unveiled in 2023 Q4 and 2024 Q1. At FAV, users can explore ecosystems dedicated to football content. They can meet fellow fans and discover and create content in an inclusive environment.

Users can also play mini-games, be they single or multi-player, to earn in-game rewards. Users can also collect several NFTs based on exclusive events and trophies. The in-game activity can also help users earn real-world tickets, jerseys, and meet-and-greet event passes.

The parties are promoting FAV as a platform that is “By the players, For the Players.” The statement is backed by the fact that FAV will reward the most active creators, fans, and players on the platform.

As for the platform currency, the FAV token will be mintable on the Chiliz Chain. The token will boast a supply of 11 billion units, which will be made available slowly. Fans from both football and metaverse domains seem thrilled about the platform as it promises several high-quality use cases.

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