Chinese District Food and Drugs Administration to Use Blockchain to Regulate their Operations

Food and Drug Administration of Chongqing Yuzhong District in China, officially announced that they would be using Blockchain technology to regulate their operations, reports the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist party. PrimeNumber Chain Technology and Chongqing Chain Energy Technology will be assisting the district’s Food and Drug Administration to strengthen the supervision of food and drug quality, using blockchain technology to make it more transparent and efficient.

Safety of food and drugs is the of utmost importance in society. The process plays an essential role in protecting and improving people’s health, advancing the overall quality of life, and promoting economic development and social progress. Yuzhong District People’s Government of Chongqing has been actively investing in the food and drug supervision industry.

Luo Lin, deputy secretary of the Party Group of the Construction Management Committee of the Yuzhong District, claimed that Chongqing has established the first and the only blockchain development promotion committee in the country and initiated the first Blockchain industry innovation base. Luo Lin believes that this move is in line with the strategy of the development of blockchain in Chongqing Yuzhong District to empower the real economy. He expects to open a new chapter in the application of blockchain.

“Blockchain-based food and drug traceability system jointly designed by the PrimeChain network and Chongqing Chain Energy Technology will apply the blockchain technology to the original Safety Monitoring and Traceability Technology and will be linked to the public service information platform and upgrades. This can solve the problem of falsification by copying and transferring anti-counterfeiting marks, and in tracing security incidents. The relevant departments can promptly notify the public and urgently recall the circulated foods or drugs if any problem is detected” said Deng Ke, CEO of The PrimeNumber Chain Technology Chengdu Co., Ltd.

In Deng Ke’s view, this will not only help improve the government’s regulatory measures but also enhance the efficiency of supervision. At the same time, it will provide necessary data support for the government supervision of Yuzhong District in Chongqing. They will also provide a centralized database for traceability information for the enterprises.

Luo Lin revealed that the successful case of this cooperation would be used as the first blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability benchmark project in the country for large-scale expansion, later on.

PrimeChain Network is a blockchain industry application provider registered in Chengdu, focusing on product design and innovation based on blockchain technology.

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