Chinese YouTuber’s Video Talks About Bitcoin and Blockchain, Gets Huge Hits

People consider youtube as a prominent medium to share ideas and much other stuff since a decade at least. Youtube has emerged as an essential part of our day, especially for youngsters. Looking at the power of the online video-sharing platform, a famous youtube star from China named Li Yongle made a video in which he explains the complex world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The video has received an enormous response from the viewers.

The video gaining sizable hits indicates that the viewers are keenly interested to know about the blockchain technology along with crypto assets’ market. It also confirms that the adoption of cryptocurrencies on a larger level is not far anymore. The video is however in the Chinese language, but it has attracted many viewers and has enlightened them about the basics of Blockchain technology, Bitcoin and overall cryptocurrency.

The YouTuber Li Yongle holds an impressive number of subscribers: about 273K. In this particular video, he has elaborated how Bitcoin works and what blockchain technology actually is. The video was posted by him initially in this month. It has been viewed 268,080 times while getting 1,159 comments. Additionally, on the Chinese version of YouTube called Ixigua, this video has achieved a whopping number of 500,000 views and around 5,000 comments.

To get an idea about the video content, this is what he has stated in the video,

“What’s in the very first block? So, bitcoin is just a string of numbers? Then how can I have it turned into numbers in my bank card? Bitcoin mining would consume huge energy? OK, now I see what it is. But the central bank would kill it.”

Comparing the number of viewers to the total population of China, it might not seem huge. But, one can consider this as a slow but steady initialization of cryptos in the country. Notably, the YouTuber is a high school math and physics teacher, and he also posts Math and physics related videos. Aside from being a teacher, he is a popular youtube influencer in China. On his video regarding Bitcoin and blockchain, a viewer commented,

“Mr. Li is quite capable in making complex notions simple; There’s a lack of such preachers in the Chinese crypto community; A majority of people who claim they know about bitcoin actually have a scanty knowledge of it; there’re still a lot of newbies in the crypto space despite the bear market; Controversies about Bitcoin still abound, but it has improved a lot compared with the situation two years ago; The move is good for everyone.”

Ruti Vora

Ruti regularly contributes in-depth news articles for leading cryptocurrencies. She contributes technical chart-based price updates and analysis pieces on the world's leading digital currencies.

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