Chingari announces official integration with the Aptos Network

Chingari recently announced an official integration into the Aptos Network blockchain. The platform released a string of tweets to share the information.

According to the tweets, the integration allows new users to access the Chingari Wallet on the Aptos Network blockchain. The objective behind the development is to elevate the user experience on both platforms. 

With the collaboration, the parties can offer a more scalable, secure, and reliable experience with lower gas fees. Aptos-based users can also explore new features with Chingari, such as:-

  • Depositing and Withdrawing GARI tokens
  • Boosting user videos
  • Participating in interactive quizzes
  • Tipping creators 
  • Boosting profiles to reach the audience

Chingari assured users that this is not where the features will stop. The platform has planned more functionalities to be deployed in the coming months. A testament to this is its latest cross-chain withdrawal and tip feature, which is accessible to everyone.

Now, users can easily withdraw the GARI tokens to their external wallets. Chingari also specified that the development does not impact any existing users. These users can keep engaging with the platform without any disruption.

As expected, the integration with Chingari has boosted the activity on the Aptos Network blockchain. According to Chingari, the gas consumption on the network has increased by almost 500%. The metric shows a direct indication of the user base growing over Aptos.

Other than this, Chingari has also noted a rise in daily user transactions on the platform, going as much as 100% at times. The latest 7-day average on Aptos shows the daily active accounts rising by 3.5 times.

The metric has gone from 18,660 to 64,654, with new accounts also being created at a 3.9 times quicker pace. Chingari thanked the users for matching their enthusiasm about the integration.

Scott Cook

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