Chirp links up with Chainlink BUILD program to grow Web3 space

Chirp has established a partnership with the Chainlink BUILD program to facilitate the integration of DePIN and advance the overall Web3 space. Chainlink will provide Chirp with technical support and connectivity to its established Oracle solutions. 

Additionally, enhanced cryptoeconomic security will be promoted. In exchange, Chirp will be responsible for providing network fees and additional benefits specifically designed for Chainlink’s community members, service providers, and stakeholders.

Chainlink is the benchmark for decentralized computing platforms, which help boost the authenticability of the web. It has been responsible for carrying out an enormous volume of transactions via the offering of real-time data, off-chain computation, and safe cross-chain interoperability throughout every Blockchain targeting financial bodies, startups, and builders. Chainlink enhances the authenticity of applications in the banking sector, DeFi, international trade, and gaming, among other areas.

The Chainlink BUILD program aims to accelerate the expansion of Blockchain-based projects’ initial stages. It achieves this by providing technical assistance and opening up avenues for upgrading and innovation. The program is credited with the development of numerous initiatives, including Truflation, a real-world data supplier; Krypton, a decentralized exchange; and Lendr Network, an RWA tokenization protocol.

Chirp has partnered with the Chainlink BUILD program to capitalize on the security and dependability features of Chainlink’s Oracle framework. Chirp will receive certain key benefits, such as the incorporation of Chainlink functions and connectivity, which are necessary for the transfer of off-chain DePIN data onto the Blockchain, as a result of the partnership. It will also introduce the availability of fresh Chainlink items, alpha and beta releases, as well as secure smart contract automation.

Chirp will be obligated to allocate a portion of its conventional token offerings to Chainlink’s service providers and stakeholders in exchange for the benefits it receives.


As a result, Chirp will be able to fulfill its commitment to connecting numerous devices with Blockchain and establishing a secure and expanded ecosystem.

Roxanne Williams

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