announced a partnership deal with Vienna Vikings

Crypto platform recently announced a sponsorship deal with the Vienna Vikings, defending champions of the European League of Football (ELF). is a gateway crypto platform that brings together the best of traditional and decentralized finance, including interest accounts, access to liquidity pools, yield farming, CEXs, DEXs, and more. In addition to allowing users to buy and swap cryptocurrency, also offers innovative features such as web3 staking, non-fungible tokens, and dual-currency investment tools. CEO Vladimir Gorbunov explained that the partnership is meant to introduce the crypto asset world to a broader audience and is “an excellent opportunity to make the crypto lifestyle accessible to all.”

“The overriding objective of creating such an alliance is to help as many people as possible to understand crypto banking through the use of products with a seamless experience. This is exactly what we took into account when joining forces with the Vienna Vikings,” he said.

This collaboration occurs at a time when the sport is gaining enormous popularity across Europe, particularly in Germany, where it has become the second most popular sport. “The emergence of the ELF marked a crucial milestone in the history of American football in Europe, and the sport itself deservedly gained popularity across the region,” he said.

It has been a season of confident wins for the Vienna Vikings so far, demonstrating their commitment to staying the league champions. The overwhelming 41-12 win over the Fehervar Enthroners on July 2nd proved this.

Gorbunov summed up the Vikings’ success: “On the road to the 2023 season, they are undefeated, which, we believe, is just the beginning of their grand journey to clinching the title once again.” With this success at its disposal, he added that “ is well-positioned to establish a firm foothold in the European market and promote its vision and values with increased effectiveness.”

To showcase their commitment to this partnership, plans to release a series of Crypterium VISA cards dedicated to the Vienna Vikings to pay tribute to the team’s achievements and spotlight their inspiring journeys.

The Viennese club has expressed its support of the company by adding branding to its helmets and social media content. In addition, the Vienna Vikings have given exposure at Hohe Warte Stadium.

Gorbunov added that this partnership stands in contrast to the widespread pull out of crypto sponsorships during the crypto winter, further illustrating’s resilience in the ever-changing crypto landscape.

“In this context, the Vienna Vikings’ trust in and our products serves as a sign of credibility that the whole crypto industry acutely needs,” he said. 

As an American football fan, Gorbunov confessed,” I absolutely love it! That’s why I’m even more happier to see our partnership with the Vikings gaining momentum. American football is quite a tough sport bringing many emotions and impressions to its lovers. At the same time, all fans and players seem pretty respectful to each other.” 

“We at hope it will continue to make a whole lot of noise across the global sports industry, winning the hearts of new fans and onboarding them to a thriving world of crypto assets,” the company’s CEO said.

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