Chongqing Wandering NFT Collection goes live on the Sandbox marketplace

The game Chongqing Underground City has been taken from the novel The Wandering Earth by Liu Cixin. It speaks of humans turning the earth into a massive spaceship to get away from the solar system before the sun dies out. It happens to be a depiction of all of humanity’s ultimate extinction.

In order to bring this to light and create awareness in future generations of the wandering plan, the Wandering Earth Museum was created in selected underground cities. With the coming of the Chinese New Year, it is time for the Chongqing population to begin celebrations and honor their age-old traditions.

It so happens that the Chongqing Wandering NFT collection consists of the artifacts belonging to the Wandering Earth plan, as well as the day-to-day characters and the various associated objects which are entwined in the underground cities of the future.

The masterminds behind this game happen to be 01a1 Studio. They have taken meticulous care in the designing of assets belonging to, The Wandering Earth Space Station and the Planetary Engine. It also includes The Ignition Device, along with, The Nuclear Battery. To bring about an entire atmosphere of high-level technology, it is all interspersed with jetpacks and flying motorcycles. There has also been the work of creating an entire environment around Chongqing city, as well as the Chinese New Year. 

The NFT collection will be live on The Sandbox Marketplace. It will consist of The Wandering Earth Space Station, which happens to be the earth itself. The Planetary Engine comes in and utilizes fusion technology. There is the Earth Theme Jetpack which has been created for various environments. 

The Thunderbolt Red Motorbike is included, which has the capacity to fly really low. In this, Ling happens to be a girl possessing a hot persona. Guimao Rabbit happens to be the mascot in the case of the Chinese New Year of the rabbit. Further in this is the Black Hole Theme Jetpack for maneuvering. The Jupiter Theme Jetpack that has been included is for facing wild storms that are let loose. 

There also happens to be the Solar Theme Jetpack, which correlates with the sheer power and energy of the sun. On the other hand, there is the Waterdrop Theme Jetpack which happens to represent the water droplet theme and is created to possess intuitive powers. The Jazzy, the Street Punk, has been added to introduce a spunky girl with a fashion sense. The Punk-Rock Raven is to give it a rebellious mood. The inclusion of Mecha-Arm Jade is to add the hacker touch. Bong Bong happens to be a delivery worker and is a robot. 

The 01a1 love Sandbox VR Headset that has been added has VR glasses with a projection of holographic function. The Underground City Residency Card acts as identification proof for all residents in the underground city. The Worn-out Nuclear Battery also happens to be an inclusion, along with a Nine Palace Hot Pot, which happens to be a sort of hot pot having nine compartments, and with individual pots of soup or broth.  

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