Chorus One Announces Staking Partnership with Zero Knowledge Validator

Chorus One, a leading staking service provider, collaborates with ZKV (Zero Knowledge Validator). This leading Blockchain enterprise primarily focuses on promoting privacy and zero-knowledge technology acceptance across different blockchain ecosystems.

Under this partnership, Chorus One promises to supply node structure to help the ZK Validator’s team focus entirely on the privacy-focused initiative and engage in networking. The company will operate ZK Validator on Osmosis, Cosmos, and other networks in the initial phase.

By handing over to the ZK Validator nodes, holders like OSMO and ATOM may contribute to ZK Validators’s objective while guaranteeing to bet on their tokens staked in Chorus One’s industry-leading dependable, secure, and diverse node infrastructure that was built in the last three years.

Chorus One is Excited to Partner with ZK Validator

Will Harbone and Anna Rose, leading the ZK Validator’s team, are active in privacy research and development in the Cosmos, Ethereum, Near, Mina Blockchain, and Polkadot. Anna is a cornerstone for the community, who has offered a forum for privacy-focused academics by presenting one of the most prestigious crypto podcasts (Zero Knowledge Podcast). Anna helped developers assemble in events like Hackathons, Online Webinars, and others.

Will Harbone, DeversiFi’s co-founder, has good experience developing privacy-related applications. ZK Validator helps entrepreneurs create privacy-enabled apps with the help of their partners and team of academics and engineers. Chorus One expects this partnership to help build knowledge in privacy-persevering technologies and support the ecosystem.

Promoting Engagements in Decentralized Networks

The goal is to assist stakeholders in participating in and shaping up the complex networks in which they are involved. The company provides complete services to partners wishing to engage in networking governance directly, in addition to accepting delegations on public nodes and developing protocols to enhance the mining

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