Chronicle Oracles debuts on zkSync, expands support for dApps

Scribe, blockchain’s verifiable and cost-effective Oracle, will now be available on zkSync Era. Chronicle Protocol’s incorporation of zkSync unleashes decentralized and robust price feeds for numerous dApps available in the system. 

zkSync Era has been launched by Chronicle with their Core Oracles, BTC, and ETH, which have more price feed options. The list of price feeds offered by zkSync Era includes USDT/USD, WSTETH, and USDC/USD. According to a top official at Chronicle, the partnership between Chronicle and zkSync combines the resilience of verifiable and decentralized Oracles with robust security.

Through collaboration between Chronicle and zkSync, builders can serve their customers on high-caliber foundational infrastructure. Scribe finds an effective solution to the engineering issue associated with Oracle’s expensive operating costs. 

With Scribe’s entry into the zkSync Era, builders can get exclusive access to cost-efficient benefits. They won’t have to compromise on security, decentralization, and resilience. Chronicle was the very first Oracle on the Ethereum network in 2017, and it is known for its unique Ethereum approach.

Chronicle is a business organization that has always stood for freedom, decentralization, and self-sovereignty. The values upheld by Chronicle and zkSync make this incorporation a perfect fit in multiple ways. Businesses passionate about bolstering their protocol, DeFi DdaApp, or something else with a customized Oracle can use the services Chronicle offers. 

Companies can seek the Chronicle’s services to integrate any of their price feeds in real-time. The most important aspect of the selection is choosing an Oracle to secure protocol and TVL. The Chronicle Scribe’s distinguishing feature is that it displays data sources in real-time, and its on-chain dashboard is entitled The Chronicle.

Chronicle ensures that every Oracle protocol it uses provides comprehensive data source transparency to its users in a way that can be verified cryptographically. Anybody can see Chronicle Protocol’s validators and which crypto pairs they source data for using the Chronicle. 

Scribe is the first Oracle design that took advantage of Schnorr signatures, and the Chronicle protocol can scale to a limitless number of validators with Scribe. No other Oracle protocol can boast of this achievement, and Oracle networks designed by Chronicle maintain cheap operating costs and sacrifice better safety and decentralization.

Decentralized and distributed nodes are the striking attractions of Oracle networks designed by the Chronicle. The validators at Chronicle are identifiable, distributed, and operated by renowned brands. They are equipped with the unique goal of creating a validator community of some of the most sought-after protocols in the industry. Increased security and decentralization are the focal areas of Chronicle as a provider of Scribe.

MakerDAO, Infura, O0x, Etherscan, and MyCrypto are the noted protocol validators of the Chronicle. Chronicle Protocol is a groundbreaking Oracle ecosystem that has secured over $10 billion in assets for MakerDAO and its system since 2017.

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