Chuk Kimble Joins Blockchain Startup Celo

Circle’s head of partnerships, Chuck Kimble, has left the company and joined another blockchain startup for a similar position. The name of the blockchain company appointing Chuck is Celo.

Chuck will be operating as Celo’s new head for the department of strategic partnerships. His role will be to help Celo to come up with more effective and profitable financial products which will be relatable to the present and future market requirements and would attract to emerging industries and under-served populations across the world.

Chuck Kimble has been working in business development for years and has thorough experience in the digital payments industry. He will bring all this expertise to Celo and will take up a significant responsibility of encouraging, scaling and developing the company’s products all over the world, founder of Celo informed.

He further said that Kimble is very much known and respectable when it comes to the financial tech industry and he knows how to use the digital payment services to help people who have no access to financial services (involuntary).

Kimble had a considerable role to play in introducing and managing USDC (a stablecoin) launched by Circle. Kimbe joined Circle last year in June. USDC is pegged against the US, and it is an ERC-20 token that runs on the ethereum blockchain.

When reached CFO of Circle for a comment, he said that Kimble was appointed in Circle to take charge of the company’s partnerships and be a part of a variety of other projects like the adoption of USDC. He further said that Chuck had done his job very well, the company was that it had him to help in driving USDC stablecoin adoption across a worldwide crypto industry.

The company considers USDC as a successful stablecoin as it is a present, the world’s second largest stablecoin by market capitalization and in the space of overall cryptocurrency, it comes on 19th place.

Kimble’s Work

Before joining Circle, Kimble had spent three years at Dashlane. This company is involved in the making of passwords and digital wallet apps. He was also a part of Square and Visa for three years, where he was shouldering the responsibility of making account strategy, doing business planning, HR and coaching.

Chuck himself stated that majority of his career span is dedicated to in digital payments and he personally sees a massive opportunity for Celo. He thinks that the company can improve the livelihood of billions of people who are detached from the global financial system (not by choice).

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