Circle and Nubank unite to give USDC access to Brazilian users

Circle collaborates with Nubank to grant access to USDC and other products on Nubank’s cryptocurrency platform to 85 million consumers in Brazil. USDC from Circle is an example of a top-certified dollar stablecoin, which is an internet-based digital dollar. This serves as an initial phase in relation to their goals.

Nubank, on its part, is one of the biggest digital financial platforms internationally. It caters to 90 million customers throughout Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

As an initial offering, USDC funding will be incorporated into Nubank Crypto. It will provide connectivity for users in Brazil to acquire and store digital currencies. Subsequent possibilities for integration with Nubank’s broader digital banking platforms will allow Nubank clients to benefit from USDC-enhanced, blockchain-oriented financial solutions. Nubank clients can redeem USDC at a 1:1 ratio in exchange for US dollars, and it is fully reserved in cash and cash equivalent assets.

Jeremy Allaire, the CEO and co-founder of Circle, claims that connecting with dollars is extremely necessary in Latin America. This assertion holds particular significance in the context of Brazil, where the adoption of digital currencies is on the rise. According to him, the partnership with Nubank will aid in expanding USDC’s global presence and establish a novel internet financial mechanism.

In accordance with the shared objective of both organizations, the partnership entails contributing to educational initiatives that disseminate information about USDC in the Brazilian market. This will establish the USDC as a secure and transparent method for acquiring and conducting transactions in digital dollars at a low cost. The robust Nubank crypto platform incorporates educational materials about digital currencies to motivate users to make informed financial decisions.


As stated by Thomaz Fortes, the general manager of Nubank Crypto, the integration of USDC provides enhanced alternatives for clients in need of digital dollars, in addition to the functionalities of USDC offered by Circle. Circle and Nubank are exploring prospective possibilities for integrating Nubank Crypto into their application’s diverse array of financial solutions.

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