Circle Has Announced the Availability of Flow USDC Integration

In 2021, Non-Fungible Tokens took the world by storm, with initiatives like NBA Top Shot paving the way. This is why Circle is thrilled to announce the release of Flow USDC, which brings USDC liquidity to one of the world’s largest & most promising technology platforms, making it much easier than ever to purchase, sell, and interact with NFTs as well as the metaverse.

Flow is a Web3 system built for worldwide-scale blockchain systems, which were first introduced by Dapper Labs in 2019. Cadence, Flow’s programming language, makes it simple for developers to create decentralized applications that serve millions of customers, from generating NFT compilations to creating digital gaming platforms.

Many distinctive Web3 projects are now being established on Flow for consumer utilization cases ranging from sports entertainment to playing games, social networking sites, music, and much more.

Flow has surfaced as the go-to destination for strong communities of blockchain-based digital entertainment and media devs, performers, content producers, and brand names. The Circle team is thrilled to be simplifying payments and enabling creators and customers to take part in this burgeoning ecosystem.

The introduction of Flow USDC marks the completion of another step in their path to become the leading supplier of inter-operable alternatives for crypto-native financial services across the nation’s biggest blockchains.

Circle presently continues to support USDC on the Avalanche blockchains, Eth, Algorand, Stellar TRON, Solana, and Hedera, in addition to Flow, with much more integrations just on the way.

Flow pioneered the mass adoption of NFT through innovative platforms such as NBA Top Shot and many others. On Flow, millions of consumers will be introduced to inventive DeFi product lines for the very first time, with USDC playing a key role. USDC is by far the most trustable dollar virtual currency, and trying to make it accessible to everyone developers on Flow might very well help to accelerate dApp acceptance. As of Jan 2022, USDC is the fastest-growing dollar virtual currency, with a little more than $48 billion in circulation and also more than 1.3 million addresses vigorously communicating with USDC all across the digital asset ecosystem.

As the team at Flow pursues their vision of improving global economic prosperity through the frictionless interchange of financial value, the addition of USDC to Flow strengthens cross-chain interoperability even further.

Trevor Holman

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