Circle Supports USD coin- a Stablecoin with the Speed of Crypto on its CLIC Pay and CLIC Wallet

Circle is a South Florida based FinTech company. It has recently announced its support for USD Coin. It is a fully collateralized stable coin in its CLIC Pay and CLIC Wallet platforms. This will encourage the merchants to enjoy the power of the dollar with the stable coin with the speed of crypto.

Currently, the South Floridian company is at the integration testing stage on its CLIC Pay platform. The day this testing will get successfully completed the use of blockchain payments for merchants and for the customers will get improved on an international level. The CLIC Wallet too is in a testing stage. Hopefully, it will start to serve the customers in the latter half of this year.

The benefit of using the USD token is that it offers ERC 20 standards, and provides detailed operational and financial transparency. Moreover, the value of USD stays stable. This simple to use token can be easily tokenized through online applications for operations such as making payments and trading in the crypto landscape. On this the CEO of CLIC Technology- Roman Bond said-

“With CLIC Pay and CLIC Wallet, we are already in the process of giving consumers some of the most streamlined cryptocurrency platforms on the market today. He further added- “With the additional support for USD Coin, we are now offering consumers a next-generation product. It is a fully collateralized stable coin that gives users transparency and authenticity unlike anything else on the market today.”

It seems like it is a highly favorable time for the release of CLIC Pay and CLIC Wallet platform, amidst the recent rise in the price of Bitcoin. Currently, the market cap of BTC is 91,851,150,874 US Dollar or 17,636,062 BTC. In the past 24 hours, the crypto token has had 15,631,498,659 US Dollar or 3,003,999 BTC volumes. The current circulating supply of the coin in the crypto market is 17,636,062 BTC with the maximum supply of 21,000,000 BTC. This has increased the market’s overall capitalization with approximately 40 Billion US Dollars in early this month.

CLIC Technology is a financial company that is famous for introducing competitive and innovative blockchain based products and services. The company has created crypto-payment gateway system which allows the users to buy daily use commodities, and on the other hand, allows the merchants to have an instant settlement in traditional fiat currencies.

On the other hand, in the recent turbulent times in the crypto landscape, Circle proved its mettle with a constant growth pattern. The company acquired Poloniex exchange last year for approximately 400 million US Dollars. When other crypto exchanges were facing a downtime a month ago, Circle, on the other hand, showed resilience in the face of difficulty. The performance of the company continuously marked big volume amidst the bearish market trends. On this Jeremy said-

“Well, [business] is down, When there’s not volatility, or prices are down, then volumes are down,” Jeremy further added- “We had very significant growth year last year, even though there was a crypto bear market.”

Scott Cook

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