Circle takes Native USDC to Noble

Circle has announced that the Native USDC is now live on Noble. This enables developers and other users to access the asset via the Noble Account and Noble APIs. Noble USDC can be interacted with and exchanged through the IBC Protocol, an Inter-Blockchain Community acronym. This has the main benefit of enabling users to exchange digital assets with other Cosmos appchains.

Users include institutional traders, digital wallets, developers, and exchange platforms. All they need is a Circle Account and Circle API. Upon gaining access, they can leverage the potential to interact and exchange the token via IBC. It goes beyond the boundary of restricting a single appchain, for it covers all of them, irrespective of their nature.

Instant benefits users will have in their favor are low-cost payments across the globe as the transactions are executed in a near-second timeline, the availability of all major functionality throughout the day and night, and the ability to hold their digital savings in the US Dollar.

The last portion is pretty interesting, although it is basic and commonly understandable. USDC is backed by the fiat currency of the US, giving it a fair advantage in terms of volatility resistance and predictable movement on the graph. When users hold Noble USDC, they basically hold US dollars in their names but in a Circle Account.

It sounds fairly consistent with the traditional banking system. This is because nearly every crypto-related company, including Circle, is accelerating the adoption of digital tokens and the transition to Web3. Whether USDC or other digital tokens, platforms are only likely to make this transition if consumers find it simple and secure to use.

An exception is that users don’t need a traditional banking account to hold USDC in their names. Appchains including, but not limited to, Injective and Osmosis now support the functioning of their mechanisms 24 hours a day. This helps users access features like borrowing and lending at their convenience. To reiterate, all of it is based on the appchains of Cosmos.

Kado lowers the cost of payments and remittances across borders. International transactions are indeed at a lower cost, with Native USDC going live on Noble.

This is not the only update for Native USDC. It recently became available on NEAR and Base to meet the same objectives. USDC issued by Circle is now native to NEAR, Base, and Noble, with more partners being lined up. Going live in a particular ecosystem grants USDC the tag of being its official form.

For Circle, it brings hope that Native USDC liquidity soon replaces USDC.e, the currently bridged USDC liquidity. It serves better benefits to Base since the network is already operating at a low-cost model, built for everyone who aims to onboard the next million users to Web3.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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