Clay Nation to form a collaboration with The Sandbox

Clay Nation will be forming a collaboration with The Sandbox, which will be the first Cardano-oriented project on the platform and will come with a fresh lease of life for The Sandbox ecosystem. There will also be additions made to the overall volume of connected players in their favor. Incidentally, this is exactly a situation that The Sandbox had been looking forward to for a long time, and they are extremely pleased with the fortunate turn of events. 

Clay Nation, on its own part, is a multi-faceted clay animation, as well as a digital collectible and metaverse-related project. Their entire aim and intention are to be able to build a progressive community that is into the utilization of Web3 for the purpose of bringing in further human interaction. This well-thought-out collaboration will open the doors for the initial phase of cross-chain PFP-avatar collection interoperability.

In turn, it will provide the opportunity for the owners of the Clay Nation Cardano NFTs to be able to use their own avatars in The Sandbox. The participants will find themselves in the position of being capable of creating wearables, as well as other creative products, through the gathering of in-game resources. 

As per the understanding between the two entities, Clay Nation has forged an association with Smobler and is in the process of building the Sonic Sands exposure on its very own 2×2 land shortly. There will also be a social hub which will be used for staging concerts. The idea is to expand on the possibilities of scouring for music and collectibles like mushrooms, as well as crystals. 

It is possible for the musical energy that emanates from Sonic Sand to be converted through the process of mining into various energy sources, such as mechanical, as well as electrical, and thermal. All of the creations will come out of clay, providing the opportunity for players to be exposed to an entire retinue of creative possibilities. In order to achieve this, they will have the requirement for clay, in the form of the raw material for building purposes, as well as a catalyzer, in the form of musical energy, and crystals for amplifying energy levels. 

In addition to all of this, Sonic Sands will also come with unique types of gameplay, as well as mini-games and two social spots. One will be the Sonic Sands Central, which will have an NFT space, along with a shopping center and other facilities. The other will be a concert spot.

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